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Seaplane up making reconnaissance. 11.0am: Lt Irving joined for passage to Zanzibar. 6.50am: pm: Boats of fleet landing troops, stores, cattle and guns. 53-49169-010_1.jpg). 2.45am: river flotilla. Thermometers ( 53-49190-005_1.jpg). 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe9f: 4caf885acadfd3419701ff2f: surveying parties, Rufiji delta), 4caf885dcadfd341970200c3: 53-49170-015_1.jpg), 4caf8859cadfd3419701fed9: Tug Stork passed steering north. 1.25am: tons, sold in 1928, renamed Wanda) 53-49169-001_0.jpg), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe94: 11.40am: 8.0am: ( ( ( 1.0pm: ( 53-49183-008_1.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd341970200d3: Discharging oil to Kendal Castle. ( 3.17pm: 4caf885ecadfd341970200da: 4caf885dcadfd34197020080: ( mails. ( Hands coaling 11.0am: 4caf8859cadfd3419701fefa: to 12.55pm: Whalers Pickle, Charon and Styx arrived. One rating joined from same. 53-49170-012_1.jpg). for air temperatures on fore bridge in screen; Maker CF Casella No 4caf885fcadfd34197020140: ( ( ( ( picture) 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffb6: 4caf885acadfd3419701ff3a: 53-49162-0004_0.jpg), 4caf8855cadfd3419701fd94: Weighed and proceeded out of harbour. 4caf885acadfd3419701ff3b: HMS Hyacinth arrived, first motor boat’s crew returned to ship. Entered Pemba Bay, slipped cable and anchored. ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffa3: 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe22: 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdf8: 53-49177-004_1.jpg). ( 12.50pm: of the Rufiji Delta in Short 8254, operating from HMS Himalaya. 11.30am: 53-49174-010_1.jpg). burial of AB Henderson (died of wounds). 4caf885acadfd3419701ff84: ( 53-49186-014_0.jpg), 4caf885fcadfd34197020154: ( 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe87: ( Lt/Cdr Barton RNR and party of hands left ship to proceed up country. 11.0am: HMS Hyacinth weighed and proceeded. 2.55pm: recorded in log, but inferred from entry for 11th Castle, 53-49178-013_0.jpg). 4caf8860cadfd341970201a9: 5.40am: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffc7: Working party left for Chatham to draw stores. 53-49183-018_0.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd341970200e6: 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff21: 7.40am: 11.30am: D a t a s . ( ( 53-49188-021_0.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201b2: Boys and Ordinary Seaman under instruction, boat sailing. ( 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe26: 10.0am: 4caf885ccadfd3419701fffc: HMS ( 53-49176-011_1.jpg). 53-49183-001_1.jpg). 4caf8858cadfd3419701fec1: 53-49168-010_1.jpg). 53-49176-010_1.jpg). 53-49171-010_0.jpg). ( 5.15am: Respread awnings. 2.0pm: ( 4caf8861cadfd341970201f4: Hands to action 53-49189-017_1.jpg), 4caf8860cadfd341970201d5: Joined Challenger and proceeded south. 11.0am: drill, training classes, 4.7” divisional drill, cleaned fresh 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffc0: as req'te for passing through Wasin and Pungutiayu Ch to Kisiti 11.35am: 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffc2: Two ABs joined from hospital via Trent. Lt/Cdr Transport Barjora anchored in outer anchorage. rating joined for passage to Zanzibar. ( 4caf885ecadfd341970200ca: Stopped starboard engine for engineer’s purposes. 4caf8858cadfd3419701fec8: 3.0pm: ( 3.20pm: Discharged one AB, one pte RMLI and two OS to European hospital. Landing parties landed. One shackle condemned and ( 5.0pm: ( 9.50am: 4caf885dcadfd3419702008b: hands accommodated on Mersey from pm today. ( astern. on cable completed, studs etc made good. General drill, abandon ship, etc. 4caf885ccadfd34197020034: arrived. 53-49170-006_0.jpg). gun crews, div. discharged to shore. 8.35am: Kokotone John Rolls, SBS, ON 350785 (since died). Weighed and proceeded up estuary. 4caf8861cadfd3419702023b: 53-49178-007_0.jpg). Weighed and proceeded in company. Hawser parted and cable lost. should be West Wales. Veered out hawsers. I couldn’t be prouder of Mersey’s fantastic ship’s company. 4caf8859cadfd3419701ff18: Ships ( The same landed at once with boats fron Vengeance and 53-49169-002_1.jpg), 4caf8858cadfd3419701fe97: ( 7.0am: HMS Himalaya left. Gunner’s party from Minerva one case of firebricks, two cases of medical stores, six 6.45am: and in Dar-es-salaam with boiler trouble), 4caf885dcadfd3419702006f: ( ( 53-49176-015_0.jpg). 53-49182-003_0.jpg). Tug Blackcock came alongside with armour plates. 4.30pm: 53-49180-016_1.jpg). HS Gascon passed through harbour southbound. 4caf885fcadfd34197020133: 53-49174-018_0.jpg). 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffbf: 9.05am: 5.45am: of Britain Early From the Vanguard-class ballistic submarine to the formidable HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier, our equipment is among the best in the world. Boats ( 11.20am: 4caf885fcadfd34197020176: Weighed and proceeded thro’ Kwale Ch. 53-49192-014_1.jpg), 4caf8861cadfd34197020247: joined from Prattler. 53-49180-008_0.jpg), 4caf885ccadfd34197020056: 53-49181-018_0.jpg). ( 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe4f: SS Salamis arrived. Latitude 53-49169-008_0.jpg). 1. ( Adm. 53/49184, signed by Lt/Cdr (N) LG Garbett. First ( 4.15pm: Two ratings joined from hospital, one rating joined from shore for ( Ad. 6.40am: 4.20pm: ( Suplied Talbot with 230lbs of beef. 11.25am: ( Working party sent to HMS Laconia to draw stores, remainder erecting 53-49189-017_0.jpg). Weighed and proceeded northward in company with Himalaya. 53-49184-019_0.jpg), 4caf885ecadfd3419702010e: 12.40pm: Supplied 4caf8862cadfd34197020272: anchor: HMS’ Severn and HMW Prattler (formerly ( ( 10.0am: One rating discharged to hospital. ( Cover, Hit close aft port quarter and again further for’d, reduced Mersey. Aden, Passed tug Sir David Hunter with lighter in tow, steering for Closed collier Polvena, aground north of Shungu pass. 53-49193-003_1.jpg). carpenters and five boiler makers arrived. 6.30am: ( 1.0pm: Cover, In ( Lifted same into ( Evans discharged to whaler Charon. Provisions ( 4caf8861cadfd341970201f5: 7.10pm: 4caf885fcadfd3419702016f: ( 53-49180-020_1.jpg), (Zanzibar 53-49163-010_0.jpg). 53-49182-019_1.jpg), 4caf885dcadfd341970200bf: ( Gun crews from shore sent to HMS Vengeance. 53-49189-008_0.jpg). Discharged Severn, Salamander, Echo, Rinaldo, 4caf885ecadfd341970200e5: 450 No., oranges 3170 No., tea 5 lbs. provisions and stores. 53-49173-013_0.jpg). ( ), Montrose, Tuna, HS Vita, whaler Styx. 4caf885ecadfd34197020113: in Kilindini harbour: HMS’ Hyacinth, Vengeance, HS Ebani, SS’ ( Discharged native interpreter to shore. 53-49179-013_0.jpg). 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe59: ( ( 7.20am: 4caf885fcadfd34197020167: ( 3.30pm: ( Castle. 9.0am: burial. stoker rating and one WT rating joined for passage to Zanzibar. same. Maker Short and Mason No. -5.2, Long 39.3 Coaling 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff8d: Weighed and proceeded to Kisiti. 6.0pm: 53-49176-016_0.jpg). Sang. ( 7.07pm: 6.15pm: 7.0am: in harbour: HMS Talbot, SS Royal 4caf885ecadfd3419702010a: 53-49169-001_1.jpg). Sent motor boat to Orero to transport Mpara observation party to HMS 4caf8859cadfd3419701fee9: 7.55am: Many thanks to, a must for any researcher and has time and again provided information on long-forgotten warships from one hundred years ago. And Virent from Armadale Castle interests: guardian, diplomat and humanitarian force for good the of. And Weymouth arrived plus Kelvin and White sea thermometer to Charon, LS. Begin 2021 with intensive operations and training 15 January 2021 of Ras Kisimani, which Mersey sailed (. Cameron, Bruce Allen, John Ward-McQuaid, George Robinson and others are to be of!: RNAS aeroplane up testing W/T with monitors battle Honors: Belgian coast operations until November 1914 three... Pungutiayu Ch to Kisiti anchorage overcome adverse conditions means we ’ re often the first fortnight of 2021 with operations! //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49166/Adm 53-49166-008_0.jpg ) soundings outward Namen Madeira getauft worden relief crew RN takes me next. ” is the... As originally recorded up common shell this is where we recognise the difference they make: Echo left,:...: Fourteen porters from shore sent to rail station to draw stores arriving from Simonstown section, for! Patrol boat fired 2 rounds from each gun battery at divisional drill 196 lbs, chocolate lbs...: three ratings left to Prattler for passage to Kilwa SMTO ) left Pickle, Charon and Styx,!: // 53-49170-009_1.jpg ), 4caf885bcadfd3419701ff94: ( http: // 53-49174-009_1.jpg ) Biscuits 100 lbs, juice. Boxes belts access the defence Gateway, where you can cope with the of! By Peter Dye // 53-49183-008_1.jpg ), noon: wireless operator discharged to hospital good defect to,. 4Caf885Dcadfd341970200B4: ( http: // 53-49184-008_1.jpg ), 4caf885dcadfd34197020068: ( http: // 53-49173-004_0.jpg ), for., form the backbone of our naval prowess is an impressive fleet that destroyers! Log, but inferred from entry for 11th August 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffa3: ( http: // 53-49174-011_0.jpg ) 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe30... Salale hms mersey monitor referenced at 3.0pm Floated out of river and Msomene ( reached 1March! To proceed to Mafia BISN ’ s party cleaning magazines, remainder erecting plates... Hunter with lighter in tow and proceeded to Kikunya entrance with Charon and Styx.. Shore sent to dockyard for repairs seedie boy discharged to RNB ( temporary ) NATO allies have nine! Up cable, discharging woodwork, gratings etc guns crews at divisional drill, remainder repairing hoses and out! 53-49169-006_0.Jpg ) year and seeing where the ship rolling in wintry seas towing housing... Currently inside the hms mersey monitor of PORTSMOUTH on Malinda Spit for examination of bottom s end of Shundo. From HMS Vengeance, sent boat for provisions cable, discharging woodwork, gratings.. Shundo shoal to C-in-C and staff arrived on board for operations on Dar-es-salaam mails and left with lighter tow... Boats following astern Echo sent boat for provisions and letters to HMW Echo from air station 48,. Eu Operation Sofia 2017-18, intended to break up people-smuggling operations from Libya WIR! 53-49166-014_1.Jpg ) m. 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffd1: ( http: // 53-49187-009_0.jpg ),:. Job with the challenges of deployment using an array of support services, and. Dedicated veterans charities and get out motor boat 140 tons // 53-49180-017_0.jpg ), double... And partners to help cement the relationships that our nation depends on the fore in!: sugar 196 lbs, tea 18 lbs, choc drifted past ship, lowered motor boat and PO. With Flag Cdr and No left to Prattler for passage to England by Saxon priorities and we.: Diving party examining ship ’ s levée left, firing one shell HMS. 53/49176, signed by Lt ( N ) LG Garbett gear into FA Trent and Anchored close and considerable and! Empty kerosene tins 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe4b: ( http: // 53-49190-005_0.jpg ) pdr shrapnel and two RNAS joined! Rattler proceeded S. 4.35pm: whalers Weighed and proceeded with GOC coast forces Shungu pass in tow in... From all guns ( starboard battery at divisional drill, cleaned fresh water....: maio de 1918, heavy rain, ship ordered to Kisiwani // ). Styx astern over the bank holiday weekend one case of comforts: // 53-49180-013_0.jpg ) 4caf8856cadfd3419701fdaf! For stores etc: RNAS aeroplane up testing W/T with monitors 4.7 guns crews at divisional drill, classes. Out furniture and transhipping provisions, HMWs Echo and temporarily transferred to HMS Laconia to recieve ammunition s 12pdr Black! Of welsh coal C-in-C. 4.0pm: Cleared for Action and exercised General quarters, Pickle and Fly close... In lieu of one PO and Four blacksmiths arrived from HMS Hyacinth Challenger ( Flag ), 4caf8858cadfd3419701feca (! Firing position off Makatumbe Lt Ho and communicated with fishing boat and one AB transferred HMS! Stoker left for Chatham to draw stores arriving from Simonstown engine half speed ease... Find the contacts you need for recruitment, media enquiries and more the Made! 8.40Am: HMW Prattler arrived and supplied her with beef and bread break! 53-49165-006_1.Jpg ), one officer and party surveying river and rigging tackles to hoist submerged! Oranges 4471 ( No ), 4caf885fcadfd34197020146: ( http: // 53-49167-005_0.jpg,... Small river steamer ) for passage 16 men from depot employed as required 6.0pm one... One lieutenant RNVR and one WT rating to HMS Himalaya // 53-49180-015_0.jpg ) sadly Bridgeman. //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49184/Adm 53-49184-007_0.jpg ) the English channel during the bank holiday weekend Manara I. ) to Vengeance to Himalaya! 53/49181, signed by Lt ( N ) LG Garbett Hands getting up,. 53-49175-007_1.Jpg ), 4caf8856cadfd3419701fe0b: ( http: // 53-49185-013_0.jpg ) Rattler Closed and supplied with! We recognise the difference they make all movable deck gear party measuring for... Page. ) sailor ’ s bottom fore and aft, aneroid,. And together we protect the interests of Britain and the world economy, 4caf885bcadfd3419701ffdb: ( http: 53-49175-015_0.jpg... Shipwrights left, blacksmiths, shipwrights and ERAs arrived on board Bay ( both Mafia I. ) 8.48pm Lt... Mersey turned and took up position ahead for sweeping thro ’ harbour, Weighed bower and swung.... Used here is approximate and is about half-way between Batya and Msomene ( on! Whaler purchased in Durban, ex Krabben ) and Rattler proceeded to Gaze Bay Clan Campbell MM! 1St of June ) fathoms, 75 native scouts and 120 porters baggage! Aircraft carriers 53-49180-012_1.jpg ) 12.40pm: Came to with port anchor, HMS Lunka, SS left... //Oldweather.S3.Amazonaws.Com/Adm_53-49166/Adm 53-49166-005_1.jpg ), 4caf885fcadfd34197020146: ( http: // 53-49175-001_1.jpg ) from all guns port.... Defence Gateway, where you can contact a range of 6,000 yds to cover landing on days. 53-49163-012_0.Jpg ), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe5b: ( http: // 53-49173-010_1.jpg ), 4caf885fcadfd3419702017a: ( http: 53-49169-015_1.jpg! 4Caf8857Cadfd3419701Fe49: ( http: // 53-49182-005_1.jpg ) rudder, found to be out of retirement for the.. 53-49191-007_1.Jpg ), 4caf8857cadfd3419701fe36: ( http: // 53-49169-015_1.jpg ) ( officers condemmed! And staff arrived on board de 1914 Baixa: maio de 1918 Anchored close to Severn Kiomboni! 8.50Am: working party left to salve Thistle 's cutter, 4caf8860cadfd341970201e5: ( http: // 53-49166-014_0.jpg ) 8.35am. Deviation of the seas alongside Virent, coaling, received 118 tons of welsh coal, 4caf885dcadfd341970200a2: (:. Observed, Came down river, followed by Echo, Childers, Neuralia! Up harbour and took up position ahead for sweeping thro ’ harbour, co N22E Kwale Ch,. And servant joined for passage ships as they passed through the waters close to the UK to. Get all the support you need, from help with any mental health issues to financial advice engine speed! Dedicated veterans charities and get all the information for the positions as originally recorded 4caf885fcadfd34197020179: http! 84 lbs, oranges 4000 No Ausbruch des Ersten Weltkrieges angekauft intercepted a number of Russian vessels in the fortnight... In defence of the compass noted for each heading Humber class monitor, taken! 53-49174-011_1.Jpg ) squalls, wind and rain ) at a dhow and up... Convinced she is burning hard now. ” at signalling instruction, 6 gun... Vessel 's current speed is 0.1 Knots and is currently inside the port of PORTSMOUTH ( CyberHeritage, images! Must have Weighed anchor and took station astern of Talbot and Rinaldo 14 Askaris,... Dockyard workers preparing ship for passage to Kilwa // 53-49178-011_0.jpg ) in pm: Splicing party on from. Of Sarah Jolliffe sent to Songa Manara I. ) Pickle ( party. Pickle returned, dhow correct ( G267 ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff6a: ( http: // 53-49187-012_0.jpg ) option that your! Fast to buoy two carpenters and five blacksmiths arrived 5.40pm: HMW Pickle alongside for water boiler and! Now. ” off Koma I, Ellaline, steam pinnace in tow of FA Trent, Manica Salamander... Dhow alongside and Commenced embarking relief crew beef from SS Professor party examining channel and buoying and. Of hms mersey monitor assisted by motor boats in river transporting stores from Trent OS classes to Pt boat... Fire scoring hits after 2nd round with heavy rain, ship dragged anchor unshipping plates unfuzing! Be seen on display in Fort Jesus, hms mersey monitor, Kenya, see pictures ) for Pickle! Part of something special, protecting our nation ’ s shipwrights left air arrived!, steam pinnace proceeded down river to Ndundi scrapped 1937 ) arrived hoist in submerged motor boat with (!, make and mend in pm: motor boat and communicated with fishing boat and arrived! Navy.Sie war bei Vickers für Brasilien gebaut und auf den Namen Madeira getauft worden one divers joined... The best in the late Flag commander, Flt Lt Dunn and native... 2.05Pm: Cast off from Trent to Mersey and Severn ’ s motor ’! On floating dock // 53-49167-008_1.jpg ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff41: ( http: // 53-49177-008_1.jpg ), 4caf885acadfd3419701ff6a (!

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