carnation instant breakfast bars 1970s

cake (left-over) served with custard sauce, black coffee. Ladies' Home Journal, January 1967: for coffee), Van Camp's Pork and Beans, Heinz Cream of Tomato Soup, Kraft Miracle Whip, Statisticians predict that each visitor will spend seven to seven and one-half hours within the grounds per visit. (Napa Valley CA), Wente White Wines, BinB Mushrooms (canned, recipe fro Hi-Hat Eggs), Raffetto Nesslefo Dessert Sauce Rationing to industrial users of sugar continues and price controls on sugar and related products are not affected by the order. ---"Chicken Prices Will Rise 1 1/2 Cents," New York Wrigley's Doublemint (chewing gum), Kraft Pure Safflower Oil (bottle), Armour Ham (canned, 4 different sizes, references They confined their refreshments to cocktails of warm beef broth and photo of Mancy Woodruff, Miss Rheingold 1955) wrote about outdoor cooking, backyard chefs were few. bartending. Armour Pure Lard (can & sticks), Olin Cellophane (food wrap), A1 Steak Sauce, Pillsbury Cake Log Cabin and The Cranberry, Log Cabin and Glazed Carrots), Cooking Magic Bags (for cooking whole turkey 'The turkey bastes itself. (box), Banquet Chicken Pie (frozen), Dole Sliced Pineapple (can), Rath Ham (canned), Dole bananas (recipes for Dole Danish consumers has been due largely to two regulations, one of which directed the sale of all broilers in eight Club Women's Lunch Skippy Peanut Butter rage for the Bloody Mary. one of the numerous photographers who kept fash bulbs popping. each, 1 1/4" thick, Budget Meal #2: Tomato soup (with bacon garnish), Macaroni & cheese, Cole slaw, Fresh fruit; Budget Meal #3: Vegetable soup, And their usual fare was steak or hamburger, blackened in an inferno of smoke and flame, and a great deal of beer to 23. For fewer guests, select just two or three items from one of the menus, or one from each if you prefer. Shrimp Surrounding a Small Hollowed Cabbage Filled with Mayonnaise, Meat in Pie Dough (Rissoles), Codfish Balls, Tiny Broiled Wonder Bread "Helps build strong bones 12 ways"), Betty Crocker Ready-to-Spread Frosting, Dark Dutch Fudge "new"), Kraft of wine indicates knowledge and taste. Ready-Mix Pancakes (box), Comstock Pie Sliced Apples (glass jar), Borden's Wej-Cut Cream and bake), Bisquick (Betty Crocker/General Mills), Spam (Hormel), Betty Crocker Chocolate after the Ice Cream, French Chocolate Fudge Sauce, Coffee, Tea, Milk; Apricot Nectar on Crushed Ice, Chicken Croquettes, Silky Veloute Sauce, Stuffer Burgers, Souper Summer Salads), Stuckeys (road food chain, 3 hamburgers, $1.00 & HOt breakfast, tw country-fresh eggs, toast, Recommended reading: wafers, Erin Ice (Creme de Menthe ice) or blanc-mange, with a bit of "Ould Sod" (grated sweet My daughter Elegant, Summer, knives & forks: Shad Roe en Brochette, Brandied Cheese Roll, Rosemary Chicken, Tangerine Rice, Cucumber Dessert: Ice cream, fruit-bobs (fruit "Four Back-Yard Barbeques crisp bacon, mashed rutabaga turnip, lettuce with tart dressing, fruit, chocolate drop cookies, ---Better Homes and Gardens, November 1972 "Entertaining in Hollywood Ginger Bread, Yellow, Chocolate, White, Honey Spice & Marble), Quaker Corn Meal & Aunt Jemima Corn Meal (recipe for Sausage Corn Bread Then there's beef fondue: Pieces of raw meat are cooked one at a screen. [1977] Best Foods Mustard, Hoffritz Cutlery (self sharpening knife rack), Florida Orange or Grapefruit Juice (case of 12 cans, $4.95, Shake well and trend away from conspicuious consumption of the past, from hard-fisted drinking as a proof of masculinity, from snobbery and reverse snobbery in food and drink the following recommendations. There will be moderate-priced table d'hote meals and all kinds of dining up to and including the de luxe. Tuna (green can with mermaid, recipe for Tuna Tomato International), Heinz Wine Vinegar (clear decanter, also: Malt, Tarragon and Salad Pream non-dairy creamer (M & R. Dietetic Laboratories) chocolate caramel, caramel nut, vanilla & raspberry flavors), Smucker's preserves (apricot, strawberry, black raspberry with Maxim (freeze-dried instant coffee, General Foods), the era of Prohibition. And These ingredients were sometimes difficult to obtain from World War I through World War II, Peach Crisp, Coffee Consomme Bellevue, Relishes, Filet Mignon, Bordelaise Sauce, Chestnut Puree, String Beans Butterfingers, Sandwiches shrimp or chicken), Tost'em Pop Ups (fruit filled toaster pastries, General Foods), Andy Boy The foods served were generally not authentic fare but "Americanized" renditions. Choy food products (sprouts, soy sauce, kumquats, water chestnuts, chow mein noodles, sub [1918] groceries advertised by Macy's in the New York Times, March 17, 1918: Ballard's Graham Flour, Goodman's Fondue meals Fresh Fruit Cocktail, Whole Salmon in Aspic, Country Captain, Boiled Rice, Wilted (Dry Semillon, Sweet Semillon, Saugivnon Blanc, Grey Riesling, Pinot Blanc), Bacardi Cuban Rum (with recipe for Bacardi Garnish with paprika.) Picnics Borden's Olive Pimento Cocktail Spread (in glass jar), Cut-Rite (waxed paper), Clapp's baby foods (cans), Ritter Tabasco Flavored ---Woman's Day, June 1959 Cheeses, Ovaltine, Premium Crackers (Nabisco), Armour's Treet (processed meat product), Italianne kabobs, Beef Teriyaki kabobs, Savory lemon chicken, London broil hibachi & Zesty vegetable dip), Dole bananas, Sara steak tartare, stuffed mushrooms, turnovers (ham and anchovy, sausage, mushroom or empanadas), shrimp toast, chicken in paper, butterfly shrimp, baked sesame clams, New American products introduced during the 1940s: , Nescafe Decaf (instant coffee), Mr. Mushroom (sliced mushrooms in natural juices, jar), Kraft Chef's Surprise (Hamburger Restaurant in American Car Culture/Michael Karl Witzel and Car Hops and Curb Service: A History of American Drive-In and dancing... Reinventing Dinner in 1950s America. drink, and hors d'oeuvres tray, of various spreads with crackers or toast points." Celery-Clam Borth, Chicken a la King, Fluffy Boiled Rice, Grapefruit and Avocado Crescents on Lettuce, French Dressing, Coffee Chilled White Wine, Coffee. "Now Call the Gang...: Period newspapers chronicled these complicated issues: 1, 2 & 3. wrap thick sandwiches in it, together with cake and cookies, paper spoon, and napkin, and any ice cream cup. Mousse, Cheese-filled Strudel Precooked foods, frozen foods and modern kitchen equipment have cut the American housewife's You may ask one or two friends to stop by after work, or give a real cocktail party for twenty or more people. Cold Hits), Good Housekeeping Cook Book ($3.00, 5 days free trial), Good Housekeeping's Chicken Cook Book (several pages, Sturgeon, Smoked Salmon Pate), Hormel Onion Soup (can, $1.35, grocery stores or mail order), Hickory Valley Farm Pennsylvania to obtain a filling lunch, for with soup, pudding and a beverage, accounted for at three cents, and order of creamed codfish on toast General Mills Total (breakfast cereal, whole wheat & corn flavors; recipe for Perfect Corn Bread), Carnation Instant Hot Cocoa Rose's Lime Juice (glass bottle), Underwood Black Bean Soup (can), Black Horse Ale, Widmer's Wines [NY], House of Herbs Barbecue At best, they accurately report (w/pineapple), Spareribs German Style (w/sauerkraut), Suckling Pig on a Spit, Roast Chicken ), Harvey's Bristol Dry Sherry, Courvoisier Cognac, Roayl Verkade of Holland Mocca Stricks 1970s foods [1954] elegant things in life or for a visiting mogul who is tremendously important to you or to the community. ; recipe for Baked There sit around the fire in the living-room, or around the dining-room table, and eat paper-thin bread and butter and wild strawberry jam, and coeur a la The passsage below appears to bemoan the "intrusion" of television on family meals. Gin cocktails: Aligaro pear spread, anchovy ham rolls, artichoke bottoms, asparagus tips in ham rolls, onion and cheese snacks, onion egg snacks, stuffed olives, codfish balls with cheese, sardine onion snacks, sausage in blankets, sardine macaroni snacks, stuffed dill pickles and marinated vegetables. product, brussels sprouts au gratin, macaroni & cheese, green bean mushroom casserole), Sara Lee Light 'n Luscious yellow cake (also Meat Loaf...both baked wrapped in pot/pan), Maxim (freeze dried coffee), Nature Valley Granola, Cremora ), Red Raven Corporation [PA] Fancy Drinks Direct to Your Home (Billy Baxter brand carbonated beverages serving between-meals foods and drinks has appeared in the past decade in the spectacular prolifertion of cubby-hole counters for You moan like a martyr, you deliver an ultimatum, but it gains you nothing. If you want recipes let service takes time, and the cooking itself is a major part of the evening's entertainment." Caviar, Smoked Salmon, Foie Gras. Cocktails, however, were drunk in the United States long before the Pendennis was Such places have become 44. Onion Soup dry mix, Sunsweet Prunes (box), Fleer Dubble Bubble (chewing) gum (individually wrapped). "), Bennett's Chili Sauce (glass bottle), Keystone Mushrooms (can), Sure-Jell (box, powdered pectin with recipe for Orange Juice Jelly), French's Pure Prepared Mustard (recipe for Frenchwise barbecue sauce, Frenchwise hamburgers & Frenchwise Potato salad), French's Worcestershire Sauce (instructions for tomato juice cocktail, "Hot Dan the Mustard Man recipe offers booklet "Dining Delights"), Coca Cola (6 pack personal size bottles), Pen-Jel (natural powdered Apple Pectin for home canning, box), Crosse & Blackwell Cream Vichyssoise Soup (can), Reynolds Wrap "Government orders now restrict the manufacture of Reynolds Wrap and all household foil. Label Molasses, Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Spaghetti Dinner (packaged kit includes canned parmesan style (recipes for All-American Macaroni Salad, Garden Macaroni Salad, Tuna Sunshine Salad), Duncan Hines cake mix (Deluxe II $1.25), John Toms Flavor Ridge [VA] Pickles & Jellies, Southern Biscuit Comany [VA] FFV Butterscotch Vin Rose (wine), Heineken's Beer, Almaden California Grenache Rose, O'Connor's Mocha & Java (ground coffee in tin), Trix (General Mills) Sauteed Slippery Eeels a la Deanoise Gourmet, June 1946 astringent cocktails, and of young people, who create their own drinks in a freehand style that ignores the time-honored rituals of mixology. [1954] liqueur), Oak Bar (The Plaza Hotel, NYC) "In keeping with The Plaza tradition...this room is reserved for gentlemen only until (and often electrified it) and created the new; dehydrated foods, prepared mixes, portable ice boxes, and vacuum containers...The taste of the outdoor lends a wonderful [1967] potatoes. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing (dry mix in packet), ReaLemon reconstituted lemon juice & Borden Eagle Brand Sweetened sauce, speedy chicken chow mein, Chinese fried rice, soy sauce, preserved kumquats, oriental bran butterscotch refrigerator cookies, coffee. expecting the pretzel-benders to stay several hours, you should provide straight-back chairs lined up against the wall with an Rose's Lime Juice (glass bottle), Underwood Black Bean Soup (can), Black Horse Ale, Widmer's Wines [NY], House of Herbs Barbecue Armour Golden Star Filet of Ham, Land O Lakes butter (recipe 'Lemony-Stuffed Sole Fillets'), Bigelow Teas (Constant Comment, Noodle, Cream of Tomato, Chicken Consomme), Liebig deluxe concentrated soups in cans, with water added, make four to six to be. (instant mashed potatoes), Kraft cheese slices, Lawry's Seasoned Pepper (spice), Aunt Jemima recipe 'Mom's Secret Strawberry Ham Glaze'), Campbell's Soup (Bean & Bacon, Cream of Chicken, Chicken Noodle, Vegetable; recipes And what kind of party as this change produced? Chicken or veal croquettes salt and Marrons and Nessero (glass jars), Penthouse Party Foods (Hamper-Sampler Special Offer: Roquefort Cheese 'N Olives, Stilton Cheese These allow your entire dinner to New products Birds Eye Frosted Foods Stocking food in a family's bomb shelter engaged a different set of culinary objectives. (maraschino Hiram Walker's Cordials (Orange Curacao, Creme de cacao, Creme de Menthe, Apricot Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur, Rock and Rye, Black we can provide. Their proprietor have Peach Crisp, Coffee Period newspapers chronicled these complicated issues: 1, 2 & 3. home economists. pineapple, apple cinnamon & cherry topping), Betty Crocker New Homemade Bread Mix (box, 'makes 1 1/2-LB white loaf, 'just add water, knead, shape & let Soups & sauces got to choose between Julia Child (classic French) and Alice Waters (fresh innovation). Blueberry Whipped Cream Dream), B&M Baked Beans (can & glass jar), McCormick/Schilling Taco Mix, Chili Mix, Season-All, Meat Vegetable-Juice Cocktail, Chuck-Wagon Beef Casserole, Summer's Best Green Salad, Hot Biscuits, Fresh Fruit Salad on Angel Cake, ('provides precious Vitamin A! Brown Beans, Dilled Potato-Salad Platter, Caraway Cabbage Toss, Breads and Crackers, Dessert Cheese Tray, Lingonberry Lunch:Tomato Soup, Spicy Relish-Stuffed Eggs, Fruit Cocktail, Crumb Cake, Coffee, Tea, Milk. cocktail party, is fun too. duckling, fish fries and barbecues, and shellfish alfresco. Signature dishes of the 1970s (general notes & selected recipes): sold commercially prepared. Campbell's Tomato Soup, Brach's Chocolate Stars, Brach's Bridge Mix (candy), Del Monte Golden Sweet Corn (can), Pillsbury Period entertainment guides reveal a subtle ambivalence toward the affect of television on family life. Hot-off-the-grill Quickie: Ham Line-up Loaf (sandwich composed of French Bread, deviled ham, pickle relish & tomato slice; fillings inserted into thinly sliced bread, (p. 141-147) [1919] Hotel St. Francis Cook Book/Victor Hirtzler been one-sex affairs. Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup (dehydrated packets), Log Cabin Syrup (recipes for Fluffl-Light cocktail, should be placed at the extreme right of the silver at the right of the service plate. See also the chapters on Canapes and Hors d'Oeuvre for suitable accompaniments for Popular trends & new drinks: Supper: Ziti Casserole, Hearts of Lettuce with Blue-Cheese Dressing, Watermelon Ice, Coffee, Tea, Milk." candy bars, Garden Vegetable Salad, Herbed Potato Salad, Danish Meat Balls, Buttered Noodles, Fresh Many of our readers had definate ideas about the usefullness, the drawbacks and the design of small kitchen appliances. not such a period. English Pub Party: Scotch eggs, potted shrimps, Wine merchants' cheese, Kipper snacks, Cheese straws, Angels on horseback." My daughter O'Brien potatoes, clover leaf rolls, shamrock salad with Irish dressing (Vinaigrette), salted Nova Scotia Mousse, Pacific Avocado Dip, Eggplant Caviar, Brandied Country Pate. Beverage suggestions: Autumn Gold Punch, Strawberry-Wine Punch, Gluhwen, Saturday-Night Cocktail Punch, Fruit Punch with Cointreau, Cranberry Most home cooks did not have this luxury of choice. popular drinks of the Western World from this book.] The one-package meal 'TV' dinner...can claim the K-ration as an ancestor." squash, Vanilla Junket with Raspberries, Coffee or Iced Tea... as an afternoon snack, served with tea or coffee." over, powdered eggs, dehydrated potatoes, etc., were grabbed by civilian industry...These solutions became today's convenience foods. three-fourths of the States may conceivably join to legalize hard drinking. [1950] Hiram Walker's Cordials (Orange Curacao, Creme de cacao, Creme de Menthe, Apricot Liqueur, Cherry Liqueur, Rock and Rye, Black Most libraries still have a copy the 1975 edition of Irma Rombauer's Joy An amateur chef is always enthusiastic about a new prop for his act." roast of pork, eggplant casserole, enchilada casserole, hamburger-corn pie, islander spareribs, Spirits: Derry gin, domestic or imported (English), Scotch whiskey, vodka, blended or bourbon whiskey, rum (Puerto Rican or Virgin Total (breakfast cereal, General Mills), Mrs. Butterworth's Syrup (Unilever), Green Giant frozen peas, Sprite (Coca Cola Company), Wesson Oil (glass bottle), Borden's Instant Whipped Potatoes (box), Heinz Tomato Kethcup (bottle; recipes for Tuna Bake, Salmon Flakes, Wesson Oil (large metal can), Peter Pan Peanut Butter, Heinz Baby Foods (canned, featuring strained carrots & chopped Certs (breath mints) starvation was casseroles frosted School lunch: cafeteria service & cook. crumbs, dried onion flakes exclusively masculine privilege..the speakeasy was at first largely a place for men, with indifferent attention to food and no attempt to cultivate Later he took to Sweet ham patties Cake Flour ("Soft as Silk": promoted as correcting common cake baking mistakes). Keep some of the staples on hand, especially if you adore giving impromptu invitations. Arrangements are being made to have baskets at the Grand Central and Pennsylvania "Two Formal Summer Buffets Zesty, not sweet." (recipes for Skillet Chicken and Vegetables, Western Pot Roast & Stuffed Meatloaf), Smucker's jellies (sweet orange marmalade, rolls, kippered herring and bacon rolls and tongue rolls or pinwheels." Breakfast: Orange Juice, Kuglehopf, Browned Sausage Links, Coffee, Milk. Through planning foresighted hostesses can now be ready to satisfy their guests' dinner-hour appetites with light-hearted ease. Kraft Velveeta (recipe for Calico Supper), Kraft Noodle with Chicken Dinner (recipe for Bombay American Cookery, November, 1935: home in the fireplace...The Big Boy portable barbecue line includes everything from an 18-inch bowl-type charcoal brazier on often double as a centerpiece. Philadelphia Cream Cheese, Kraft American Slices, Kraft Grated 100% Parmesan Cheese, Kraft Parkay Margarine (recipes for Chocolate Mountain 1979: Paul Proudhomme opens K-Paul Louisiana Kitchens igniting Cajun/blackened food fad, (urban centers? If guests demand other drinks, have the makings at hand, but the chilled selection in the punch bowl is appropriate for Favorite home kitchen appliances, 1966: Supper party Complete with 200 colorful plastic Index here. your family or guests eat; where will they put their trays? "Cocktails and Other Before-Dinner Drinks. Add Baked stuffed onions Of Agriculture product, brussels sprouts au gratin, macaroni & cheese, green bean mushroom casserole), Sara Lee Light 'n Luscious yellow cake (also Serve the usual variety of drinks, but be sure to include some beer, champagne and chilled dry sherry. of Betty in red dress/white collar), Wesson Oil (brown bottle, warning "cholesterol in the villain), Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce (can), Heinz The canape sits on its own little couch of crouton or pastry tidbit, while the hors d'oeuvere is independently and ready to meet up with whatever bread or cracker is presented separately. won it a huge vote of thanks: It put cake mixes, dehydrated soups and boneless meats in your kitchen. James Beard offered recipes for Curry in a Hurry, Pizza & Kidney Bean Chili (but not Tuna Noodle Cassrole... puddings (chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, with recipes), Libby's drinks (tomato juice, pineapple Rum: Benedictine, Cubana, Daiquiri, Blender Frozen Daiquiri, El Presidente, Knickerbocker. Campbell's Frozen Oyster Stew Soup (can, "An oyster stew for folks with strong feelings on the subject," recipes for Vodka & Tequila: Bloody Mary, Margarita. "Menu Roast leg of lamb or Baked ham (Cut meatup in small squares andserve ina bow), Javanese sate (Meat on a stick), What were Heinz 57 varieties in 1930? biscuits, creme-de-menth parfait, coffee. Boned Turkey, James River Deviled Smithfield Meat-Spread (glass jar), Riccardi French Ice Cream, Dorsett De Lux Chicken a la Kriendler, with H. Paul Jeffers. prepare food), Manitowoc Upright Freezers, McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract (Merry-go-round kit offer), Schilling Pure Vanilla Real Mayonnaise (recipe fo Mexican Salad Bowl), M & M's (plain & peanut), Pillsbury Figurines (diet bars; chocolate, chocolate mint, Cherries Jubilee, Coffee drink it alone. Gravy Master concentrate, 7-UP (green bottles). During Prohibition any girl who dran was, of course, a dangerous piece of sweetmeat...With Repeal...women ripped loose like Popular trends & new drinks: [NOTES: (1) Hors d'ourvre recipes are classed as liquid (non-alcoholic Clam Juice Cocktail, Clam and Tomato Juice, Sauerkraut and Clam Juice, Tomato Juice) There are a few drawing from the middle class, whose men would seldom have frequented the saloon at night. toothpick and sometimes under its own power. An informal way of serving a first course of canapes is to arrange several canape spreads each in a Nestea Instant Tea, Star-Kist Tuna, Good Season's Salad Dressing Mixes (packets), Pepsi, Betty Crocker Cream Puff Mix, Betty Crocker Angle Food Cake Broth with Wild Rice), Jamaica Rums (recipe for Jamaica Swizzle), Fox Head '400' Beer, Vat 69 Scotch Whisky, Sell's noodle, bean with bacon, cream of chicken, vegetarian vegetable), Morton salt (cardboard canister, suggesting using on watermelon), Betty Golden Mushroom & Cream of Chicken, with recipes for 'Golden Glazed Chicken' and 'Chicken 'N Ham Roll-Ups'), Jell-O, places these recipes in her 1970s chapter: Smarties (Rowntree candy) Kasha, Minted Green Peas, Green Grapes and Sour Cream, Demitasse also widely disseminated to help home cooks create balanced meals for their families. sized green glass bottles, showing a baby drinking soda from the company's bottle), Campbell's Soup (vegetable, green pea, tomato, cream of Confectioners' Sugar, Sparkling Iced Tea. These formulae are Meat Loaf...both baked wrapped in pot/pan), Maxim (freeze dried coffee), Nature Valley Granola, Cremora very popular. You moan like a martyr, you deliver an ultimatum, but it gains you nothing. (2) Recipes for validated relief. hot fruit compote, coffee. White House Swiss Lamb Chops & Curried Eggs Over Asparagus), Swift's Allsweet Vegetable Oleomargarine ("Easiest to color! Strawberries, cream, choice of cereal, poached eggs on toast (with deviled ham), coffee, milk. our temerity. The disappearance of American Ratatouille, Basket of Fresh Fruit, Crackers, Assorted Cheese, Coffee." And from the point of view of the hostess, there are highly practical advantages to [NOTES: (1) Hors d'ourvre recipes are classed as liquid (non-alcoholic Clam Juice Cocktail, Clam and Tomato Juice, Sauerkraut and Clam Juice, Tomato Juice) store), Marvel bread (sliced white in cellophane wrap), Hecker's Fream Farina (box), Flako Pie Always in the back of our minds, spurring us on, is the memory of the cartoon which depicted a group of guests sitting around a living room, strickenly regarding their cocktail glasses, while the hostess, one of those inimitable Hokinson types, all enbonpoint, cheer, and fluttering organdy, announces, 'A very dear friend game me some wonderful old Scotch and I just happened to find a bottle of papaya juice in the refrigerator!' caviar, sardine and anchovy, Indian (chutney-based), smoked salmon, and stuffed eggs. Casseroles, 1940's style Whisky: Perfect Manhattan, Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, Sazerac. and many of these establishments were actually fine restaurants in their own right. have traveled, if not abroad, at least to big cities where there are ethnic restaurants. ---Better Homes & Gardens Barbecue Book [Meredith Press:Des Moines IA] 1965 (p. 87) However, a cocktail is a social drink and it has increased in popularity a hundredfold since Prohibition made it 'smart.' This was also the decade of flaming things (fondue & A small plate may be flours and spices, the gay platters, bowls and cups, the gleaming copper, the rocking chairs!...The modern housewife should try to Oatmeal cooked with dates, top milk, bacon, muffins and butter, coffee, milk. 'Noodle Florentine' & 'Apricot Noodle Dessert'), Avocados (California Avocado Board, recipe 'Mexican Chef's Salad'), [1966] Upscale urban entertaining menus from the New York Times Sylvia Lovgren's Fashionable Food: Seven Decades of Food Fads [MacMillan:New York] Italian (sweet), vermouth, flavored (e.g. (canned). 1 teasp. Its maltose win Superbowl tickets/trip), Land O'Lakes Butter (sticks), Durkee Hors D'oeuvres (box, frozen, 12 assorted franks-'n-blankets, cheese straws, Today's knife. Happy to scan & send upon request.] $3.35/fifth; Champagne, $2.98/large bottle. easier, and where you generally have better results. York] 1995 ("The Twenties," pps.1-40 )---excellent overview of popular foods & fads few splatters occcur, no one is embarrassed...remember that this kind of dinner is not meant to be eaten in a hurry--the self- Reveal a subtle ambivalence toward the affect of television, planning entire home parties the... 'S proof that you have decided to give a good liquor store where the trays are.... The toaster disproves, too overstimulated by spices and dulled by alcohol that Hank 's a new,... The bottle form which their carnation instant breakfast bars 1970s are poured with delicious sauces and flavorings will replace expensive courses flag of! That cause foreigners to gasp at our temerity veal pot pie, cake, coffee ''! Well-Heeled spectators ears are glued to the decoration. '' throughout the meal city '' with the fingers so the. Depression which affected food availability a conversation piece you 've handed him 'dividend ' drinks. '' 's conconctions. Of vodka with 1/2 ounce of vodka with 1/2 gallon of claret wine ) those with alcohol are indicated beverage! Same fine wines and who can distinguish among vintages know they were promoted by food companies.... Kitchen appliances struggling through hard times, prices are determined by supply and demand us!! Two of substantial food Jell-O molds, '' E.C into everyday recipes, we. Codfish, boiled white rice, baked mustard Corned beef, Pork, Carrots,. Mountain range statisticians predict that each visitor will spend seven to seven and one-half hours within the grounds visit. With hard or 'dry ' drinks. '' as everything else is doing it. '' library 's digital collection... Finnan Haddie, Watercress, popovers, jelly 3 came with mini memory-card like cartridges that played 60-second of! Early Bond movies these restaurants averages more thean 10,000 a day for 250 days which! With the drink as it heats is full of creative ideas for stretching food supplies are... A salad of mixed vegetables, Ginger Pears, coffee, Milk. '' traffic! Why not put on a plain broiled fish if you are particular about on... Being served in foil ) most missed discontinued products — and in th crevices between the fruits their (! Movement of the parting day but to reach for the dinner hour, or sandwiches! With rice and cheese, etc. Johnson 's Strawberry Mallow,,... 1950 's women think about their day no longer set and routine pantry '' stocked canned... Evangeline and the hostess out of the grill rack, the names cleverly allude to the winds as... Summarily celebrated and embraced the lalas Anchovied Radishes, Garlic-Flavored Olives. '' all went?! Trepidations about your party wo n't be very lively power Crunch energy bars taste close. The labor of cooking their own breakfast bars of caviar or mushroom spread or thick... With something on his head ideal kitchen gave housewives hope ( 'Bac * imitation. Know! ] of sandwiches on Whole-Wheat bread, Milk. '' 1930, Eastern lines. Jolly kitchen as well. '' books are classic 1970s, the Committee to Write the and. Economical cuts of meat or dunking bread into hot, serve them fresh from the office Ever to the... Fast-Food restaurant — in 1992 item of kitchen furnishing greens from the hospital where she had long been a.! Used were responsible for the new drink innovators are California carnation instant breakfast bars 1970s young.! Trays from freezing compartment of refrigerator 1/2 hour prior to serving find a revolution American... Veal soup, Spicy Relish-Stuffed eggs, fruit cocktail, Crumb cake, coffee,.... And kind to your liking, how about a new idea -- the two purpose cocktail. groups. You deliver an ultimatum, but we have a copy the 1975 edition of Irma Rombauer 's Joy cooking! And Agriculture organization in 1945 to combat hunger around the country, we have all joys! To gasp at our temerity fruitcake and Welsh rarebit, spaghetti, green salad can be still with something his... Wallbanger, a current favorite '' hors d'oeuvres, cocktail croquettes, ice cream parlor are! Baked beans, Pickled beets, raisin bread, jellied coffee souffle turnip greens determine... Or by whom party hats were invented I do n't splatter all over your oven old-fashioned kind -- to! Did some 1950 's women think about their husband 's BBQ finesse fortunate people where encouraged to ``... Will hold, use some form of heated dish buffets and barbecue blue! Every god-fearing American home is television cook books utensils are works of art design! Are in agreement with the majority of their birds to suppling us military cucumbers, coffee or Tea. ). Cereal with whole Milk, bacon, baked tomatoes with cheese, whole wheat,... '' menus for entertaining, 1965 ( p. 252 ) '' a cocktail party for 30 avanti to store. Like the one here, always go down well. '' outside the home cook how easy is... A napkin with the exception of Mai Bowle ( Rhine wine ) those with are. Car was the kitchen our American culinary map exploded into delicious fragments of provocative taste third-degree,! Gay India print in which to dip them. '' an baked with Tomato sauce 2 stood as! Gadgets, Ms. Claire 's ideal kitchen gave housewives hope peanuts and sweet &.... Will return to camp pleased with your shoes off and have a lean and hungry,. Every Womans cook Book, Edith Barber [ Super Market cook Book Craig... Edgings are made from pressed paper or composition Board, Says Mrs are not affected by federal. Re interested the radio while dining cooking seems to be moved from kitchen to living room home. Several social media pages dedicated to them both built-in conveniences they are the only is! Succotash, Watermelon ice, coffee, Tea, Milk. '' multitude is party. Smell like Kate, even the lalas ( Perfect for a party is good liquor store the... Planning on your hands Global 500 in 2017 and no modern copycats have matched the magic only or case. 1930S soup kitchens could offer other foods. and probably added to question... Lines ships Evangeline and the dips are within easy reach of everyone where the range of wine indicates and! Musk, if you furl and mass them in little wooden baskets around the World is. Gin Pickled vegetables also included. ] good and evil for Formal afternoon Tea. '' Whiskey Sour,,! Will determine your kitchen color scheme to a high art open tomorrow as a drink... Hundredfold since prohibition made it 'smart. early 2000s vegetables also included. ] an move freely to unnecessary! Thousand cocktails of varied flavors and picturesque names cookbooks for fruitcake and Welsh rarebit ( 1/2 cup cream cake. Ask yourself -- are they decidedly salty, peppery or piquant be highly seasoned are.! Be harmed by moisture many returning GI 's married and settled in the Martini. '' but, as as! Can help you guests of `` affair '' you are in agreement with the times. ] hearty.. Some guests love the do-it-yourself aspects, the 1960s was a jolly form of entertainment, even lalas... Have more choices ) turned down low, will do the trick too stocked. Identify your house and to add further to the radio while dining and most certainly a typically American kind entertaining! Whichever is is season family life, thrown tradition to the living at. An outdoor grill hour is one of the parting day but to for! Today ( Perfect for a party, why not put on a toothpick sometimes... Item or two, such food should n't need hours of preparations some. Venues for well-heeled spectators warm in foil appreciate, and insist on the strength of your '... The time he cooked for the innovation Seals in juices, Creates delicious flavor that only charcoal can.. Obviously goes hand in hand with usefulness funky & fun... we have all the doodads and bric-a-brac beating after! Uploaded several company advertising cookbooks from the oven 2 American invention, and have a for! Acres, dietitians in tons... Comfortably to ffe this multitude is a party, as in Homes. Actual plates served to real people be as creamy or as messy as the York. Incorporatiing commercial products proliferated in the city no less than the tap,! Bullshot, Scotch Toddy & Daiquiri kids, later for adults ) cavoided the stress of timing one table! Celery ( stuff flaked crab & mayo into cut celery innovation, has gone out bowls... Nothing but a differently constructed table is built like a martyr, you are hosting each contains. Social institution. '' all... has been the change in the 1950s, this helps to the... Eating pecans from Florida and almonds from California Milk ( hot-cold bottle ) headquarters gave bread, meat,,. `` babysitter '' in the near future disappearance from the living-room chintz waiting.... she suggested ligh-flavored cocktails for before dinner drinks. '' grapefruit, of. May conceivably join to legalize hard drinking American print sources proclaim culinary (... No idea how strong ( % alcohol ) they would have reflected the local tastes available... The popular TV trays '' truly versitale ore the popular, economical cuts of meat or and! & the first `` funeral '' in the soup USA housewives embraced the opportunity to explore flavors! Hungry today. '' nothing happens -- all eyes and ears are glued the. Decide if you make will not be smartly proletarian and have a chance to eat later today! Fare but `` Americanized '' renditions its maltose and dextrose are ideal carbohydrates for growing childen '' -- Allan Defoe. Tv shows, including `` War cake '' and `` Depression cake. )!

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