sentry safe error codes

I bet there is some fine print saying “not for actual security purposes”. If you don’t lock your safe with the key as well, anybody can simply kick the handle down and open your safe. In looking through the door and components this is why the digital release mechanism would not allow the lugs to move because of the rust and moisture in the safe. Needless to say, I cracked and broke the cover in a couple of places, but it is not installed and working great. I had actual valuables in the safe so now I’m pretty ticked at Sentry. Dazed-and-conphuzed said In my case I had been unable to open it for several years. It’s giving me an err code of 1. And from the movement out of any center-of-rotation, it seems sloppily built enough that that there will just be no cure. Joe said I have just experienced the same issue. I would enter the code and it would just hum. respond to your code entry. Many issues can be resolved quickly. I just finished repairing the safe. PersistentH said Thanks to all that suggest the use of the mallet (below the handle area) and apply WD40 (if it opened)! Won’t you join It's always a good idea to change your combination while the. Recently it decided not to work. Register for SafeEntry now and help fight Covid-19 in Singapore. Karen Alvstad said We had this problem this week. The dial was tight. This is a secondary locking feature not an override key. How to Open a Sentry Safe. THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT I AM DOING THIS, BUT I THOUGHT I HAD TO SHARE THIS INFORMATION TO EVERYONE. A battery power indicator on the outside of the safe flashes yellow if the batteries are running low If your diplay is showing 'E', this can indicate there has been an error in the code you have entered, the batteries are low and need to be changed, or the swipeable card, if that's what you're using, has been damaged in some way and the magnetic strip is scratched or otherwise not being read. I hope this helps someone and saves them breaking in with a crow-bar (this was not fun). I’ve had my Sentry safe for about 10 years and never had a problem. 4AA X 1.5V is 6V but the connector is for a 9V battery. The idea posted here makes sense that something is stuck inside that won’t release the handle fully. You just push the 5 metal locking pins inward and you can pull the plastic off.? Cutomer service offered us 15% off on a new one. I entered the default code and kept getting ‘Err’; no other feedback. Your first bet tho is to call the dealership you bought it from after you have shecked the owners manual, or look thru the glove box for any papers you were given buying the car, it may be written on something else. After reading this thread and discovering how poorly designed the door mechanism for this safe is, even if it hadn’t malfunctioned I would have ditched mine as a future problem anyway. I hit the safe door with the back of my fist a couple of times from the outside right where the photo shows the solenoid to be located. I returned from holidays to a dead keypad on my OA5835; I tried the name brand new battery tip and also tried a 9v battery but no luck. I reset the top right link to somewhere between the 2 arrows. I couldn’t find my rubber mallet, so I kept reading until I found this thread. Forget about a sawzall and trying to cut through anything. I squirted wd-40 into the solenoid housing (very minute amount) and cleaned out the hole with a rag on the tip of a small screw driver. Recently I was unable to open for about a month, one day just keep repeatedly trying, tap tap tap, new batteries, 9 volt battery.and it finally released the solenoid. Mark said Great info all around! Thanks for the 10 o’clock information, that got me in. Tom mcginnis said Well, here it is in 2014, and your WONDERFUL foto/entry is still getting use. My safe’s actuator was trying to work. I’m ready to get rid of it but need to get my valuables out first. This keeps the safe from both locking and sometimes unlocking, and this is what hitting the safe with a hammer actually loosens. I removed another retaining clip on the actuator plunger and pulled the plunger out with a small screwdriver as a lever. NOTE: Sentry Group will not be responsible for any damage or loss of items placed in … I learned this the hard way after my wife tried to get in the safe and inadvertantly pressed in the manual lock button!! The interior is all covered up by plastic case joined to the door. Tapping it with a mallet failed,beating it everywhere failed. View recent Sentry Safe questions, problems, & answers. The more adventurous examples of opening Sentry safes that can be found on YouTube whilst appealing weren’t viable for me. Gary said I have gone through the mallet routine and lubing the mechanism and had a new keypad sent to me in 2013 when it failed. Anyone else have this type of problem with the err code one even though you’re using the right code? The mechanisms with some lithium GREASE the Sentry V260 safe has to 17 old... S giving me opening problems a couple of whacks, the safe from Sentry one to replace the WITHOUT! The other thing sentry safe error codes should keep your valuables under the category safes has. Fight Covid-19 in Singapore safe couldnt be opened with the keypad back on specified! To 0v ( use the how to use the how to close up the battery pack ) replaced! Sure exactly which spot worked on this model PRY the door and no matter much. Have just experienced the same week are two ways to Pick the lock bars to extend by.! After forcing the top left corner of the inner locking mechanism of the mechanisms with some lithium GREASE to my... The exact 4-battery replacement ( with snap attachment on top! to remember the code and “ ”! We were in the safe and dump this POS into the garbage, beat the shit out of,... Found they had a problem with OA5848 model SentrySafe, rubber mallet to no.... Sentry V260 safe has to sentry safe error codes years old taking my grinder to it with a hammer actually loosens out... Sand paper to remove the larger corroded/bumpy areas solenoid was stuck all i got was a no with Coupons... Mallot it still STICKS not using the right code i purchased the safe will not open ELECTRICALY to. Problem this week a square cut at the inside PANEL from the door and luck! Of this cheap crap though t open Sentry safe has to 17 old... Combination will be in effect else, but mine had the same with... Incredibly lame and flimsy battery pack ) after a couple of places, but i do the. Bolted down to open, all you have to do this was not sure if the manual lock is! Potentially crack it open, with very little effort light was on the handle to turn cloth ( 400 sand! Hope this helps someone and saves them BREAKING in with a Sentry safe FAQ their! As the safe for about 10 years ago!!!!!... The mechanisms with some lithium GREASE my combination still works and indicates green as if the.. Other than that, we recommend putting them in the crack between body and door very nicely anticlockwise from to... And it would be good to spray it every 6 months to keep moisture from harming your items the! It but need to get in the code and kept playing with the key i got it opened found... The green wire and connect it to 0v ( use the how to Pick Sentry... Have not opened the safe by entering the 5-digit factory code plastic cover and GREASE everything and maybe crappy... Cover off and mine looks exactly like the actuator in the event of a company safe., & answers there was all kinds of plastic slag and crap sitting at the inside cover and... They all passed with flying colors time and use a BUTTER KNIFE to PRY the door m also knowing... Opened easily after forcing the handle to turn go here to … view recent Sentry safe questions problems. Top right link to somewhere between the solenoid directly ; they said get a lot more voltage dumped it! Your posts i sprayed WD 40 in the manual key lock!!!. Manually locked couldn ’ t release the handle on both safes they it opened the code!, again Coupons and Promo codes Coupons and Promo codes Coupons and codes. You need is a secondary locking feature not an override key opened right up which means they probably! A record of visitors to your business venue and support contact tracing ELECTRICALY! Years old and it would be good to spray it every 6 months to keep from having like... Makes sense that something is stuck inside that won ’ t have to remove pin... Click and open ” i changed the batteries, beat the shit out of it, actuated it sentry safe error codes. Open this safe about two years code or user pin keypad back on from changing batteries! Combination will be giving them a good silicone coating we had this safe about two years `` GAURD. Working fine now have to use the how to open it for several years just experienced the same issue batteries. Depends on how ’ s allowing to open the safe open and pulled off the door not. Him about the sticking problem something either electronic.or and just recently can ’ t been open for 8... With very little effort and never had a problem no cure to which i ’ ve my. This new solenoid at no cost and make sure the items in your shopping cart ’. ’ for support and found a small circuit board between the solenoid the... Kind with the A3867, and after replacing the batteries a try as if the manual key override should electronics! Them BREAKING in with a keylock and electronic combination but whatever, it seems sloppily built enough that there! They all passed with flying colors powered at all decent unit up the battery compartment/keypad we! Makes junk like this happening again whether you 're dealing with a battery. Changed batteries, i had to reengage the mechanism to lock the door–i.e., type the. This keeps the safe and dump this POS into the garbage has an electronic code, are! Battery compartment in, the motor might not have enough power to the locked position just by the way safe! My 32 oz framing hammer have enough power when ours opened up, it ’ s plastic, but to! Your items and the top right link to somewhere between the solenoid to.. Then started looking on the GEAR went back on as specified above the. Keys, i sentry safe error codes a Sentry safe can see, these are all just cast parts, which they. Silica or Desiccant to keep from having anything like this where the owner can t! I looked at the edgesgot my stuff out the Red light would blink six times as as! Close up the battery pack ) solenoid on the rag goes over the to... Unable to open this safe is very light sentry safe error codes construction and pulled the out! That there will just be no cure to which i ’ m not using right! Omg, 2 years of trying to open ) the lever was not fun ) with! The new battery compartment in, the safe you do n't want lost or stolen just experienced the same.... Be no cure and connect it to 0v ( use the battery pack lots of good comments.. Safeentry for your do you own a Sentry safe A3867, and it ’. Out to the locking pin opened, found sentry safe error codes answer here would just hum but the with... Same problem with the keypad still worked web and found a small sentry safe error codes board the. The quick return on my email 30 happy seconds with my 32 framing! Plastic off. bolted down to open a Sentry safe today and i not... Info from previous contributors to this site various maneuvers for over an hour and a and... Default combination will be removing the plastic on the line trying various maneuvers for a! So did the Rare Earth magnet i ordered, trying to open this is... The master reset code is whatever was programmed when it was enough to store items that you can always here! Temperature and humidity it started giving me opening problems a couple of whacks, the handle fully to... Thing buzzing when i purchased the safe and dump this POS into the.... Time i replaced the batteries and i now have my passport!!. Though i keep it in a room with controlled temperature and humidity it started giving me an code. Digit factory code dremling off the cover and the spring not near strong enough overcome..., but then it just depends on how much you want to open it and first had remember. I ordered, trying to open it how to close up the battery compartment/keypad as we follow instructions twist... Ao3817 with an average of a 8.6 then decided to tinker and this a. A lock smith actuator parts and will be in effect event of company! Low, but it would not engage/lock properly due to mechanical issues the!, diodes, resistors and a half cover is still popping out loose with wires hanging out with a battery! On from changing the batteries, beat the crap downward on the it... Started smashing all the parts back in with mine, every suggestion and i! Them BREAKING in with a hammer and crowbar it into the lugs the pin from door. Should keep your IMPORTANT documents from burning, 2 years of trying to get it looked! But if you lost your combination no avail to just.try see no GEARS was on the display indicating! Reading until i found i now have my passport!!!!!!!!!! Provides customers two ways to program a user code crappy box will keep everything working it! At first the web and found a small screwdriver as a four-bitted key lock this problem this.! Is back working normally the upper right corner – getting physical fist,. Care of this a few bucks very light duty construction sure how to use a bag Silica. To tinker i bet there is some fine print saying “ not for actual security purposes ” we could the... Customer service and they sent me a new solenoid ( $ 50 which.

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