photoshop hand tool not working

Simply […] Do not press win key + space bar (which is for changing keyboard language settings). Thanks, you saved my day! Simple solution for all apps SPACEBAR + Fn (FUNCTION KEY ) and double click on canvas.... You just need to add one more key that is Fn key and your issue will resolve. In this situation, you can use this Path Selection that means this tool is used to move the path here and there. I was having this issue for about a week and discovered today that the culprit was an antivirus software running in the background. This will really help our customers to fix the issue. Webroot Antivirus was my issue. We have certainly had posts where systems only had one or two of the symptoms associated with the issue, and the White Window plug-in fixed it.,,,,,,,, Simply quitting Safari brought the functionality back and now all apps are playing nice again. - allows you to move a newly placed anchor point with Pen tool - helps in more precise placement. Ugggh.). acrobat:, adobe media encoder:, after effects:, audition:, bridge:, dreamweaver:, flash:, illustrator:, incopy:, indesign:, lightroom:, muse (mac):, photoshop: Only way to use it would be switching the tool to it by click it or using it's shortcut key, H. I tried this too and it didn't work for me. TouchFreeze prevents the trackpad from working as long as I am pressing a key. What kind of weird voodoo is that? (But my interface is back to defaults, so deleting the prefs did do something! So somehow it was a one-time issue for me. Hope these videos would able you to develop your ICT knowledge. You might think, grab the tool, set the color, shape and brush size, and paint away. I can click and choose the hand tool and it works. Menus, shortcuts, Lasso tool, or Photoshop stop working when using a Wacom tablet | Mac OS. If you are using a Mac, and have a Wacom tablet, then you should probably rule out the White Window fix. This did not work for me. The [spacebar]-mouse drag pan works again after quitting Safari and restarting it. It's very frustrating. All I have to do is press SPCBR, then just tap on the Fn key and it begins to work. Fn + Spacebar and what function key? In some cases there was a conflict with a browser extension, or with Spotify. Reset the tool. There is no setting in my device manager to turn off the delay, like all these links show. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. I deleted it for photoshop but didn't work.. I don't know why it changes to the magnifying glass, but it does. All rights reserved. I feel sure it would be a problem in the previous version too, but generally Xd is only available in the current version. WIN key in addition to holding Spacebar. It zooms to 'fit screen' size, and zooms back in when i release the mouse button. Note: (macOS-only) If the Hand tool gets stuck when you're using the Liquify filter, Save for Web, or the Camera Raw plug-in, see this tech note for a solution. Restarted Safari, problem has not re-ocurred., Firefox 48.0.1, and those are the only two extensions installed. Further Update with Spacebar/Hand tool issue on a laptop: I have the same problem as MaritvanHelden. The brush isn’t painting at all, or it’s painting in a way you aren’t expecting? If you cannot diagnose and fix the specific issue, chances are good Adobe will have you restart Photoshop. First press the spacebar and then Fn key..... Ugh thank you! I have already reinstalled everything, reset all my tools and reset my warning dialogs. I can't believe that this is almost 2 years since you made this post and it still holds true. Although many Photoshop users may not ever touch this tool, it is a helpful application that can assist you in getting your work done a lot faster. Here’s a list of 10 annoying problems you might have with Photoshop, and simple solutions to fix them. So weird. Me too... and i also can't use all of tool after update. /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10709729#M274288, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10735539#M277945, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10894833#M302647, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/11118908#M329720, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/11118909#M329721, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/11565839#M481133, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295095#M50600, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295096#M50601, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295097#M50602, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295098#M50603, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295146#M50651, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10894838#M302649, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295117#M50622, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295123#M50628, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10976854#M313967. You do have the marquee tool active, and are showing a hand cursor -- but it is not one of Photoshop's cursors. Photoshop: Hand Tool not moving the image around when zoomed in i have a laptop , when i zoom a pic and want to move and drag with spacebar and holding left click , does,t work , the hand tool moving but not draging , the pic After seeing this I tried quitting bitwarden. Has your mouse cursor ever got stuck on the hand tool? I have no anti-virus software, so that wasn't it for me. I created a quick video to demonstrate two solutions for when your Photoshop tool (brush, clone stamp, pen, pencil) is not working. The screenshot shows Photoshop CS4 or CS5, and the hand cursor in Photoshop has the fingers spread out more, not all going straight up. Solved: When spacebar is pressed, cursor changes appearance to hand tool, but it is not working. There wasn`t any problem with the hand tool. Fix 1 – Simplest Fix, Open Adobe Photoshop… This does not work for me. Has this ever been solved? I was in Photoshop (64), and noticed that when I held down the spacebar to pan the open image, the hand icon would show but the tool will not work. This issue is known to be caused by recent drivers for Wacom tablets. Photoshop loading problem and paint bucket tool not responding. I closed 1Password app and spacebar hand tool works again! CTRL+SPACEBAR - allows you to move a shape or a marquee selection while creating it - helps in more precise placement. For all the adobe programs. One of them is the Hand tool. At least I know how to sort it now, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/11351532#M354469, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/11498853#M471811, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295087#M50592, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295090#M50595, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10731090#M277259, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295091#M50596, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295092#M50597, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295093#M50598, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295094#M50599, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295124#M50629, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295126#M50631, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295127#M50632, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295137#M50642, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295143#M50648, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295145#M50650, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295153#M50658, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10709722#M274284. Success! I also had both Safari & Chrome open. Cause. I have CS6 Suite on Asus laptop w WIN10 and got this same problem in Illustrator. Well i encountered the same problem, but with safari, no extensions installed. The issue has never recurred for me. I have used photoshop for several years and all of a sudden the Clone tool is not working normally. Photoshop provides two selection tools viz Path Selection and Direct Selection Tool. This issue persists across both the 32 & 64 bit versions of Photoshop. What is a paint bucket tool in photoshop? 100% hardness I move it over a part of the image I want to Clone and click Alt to select This worked for me. /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/td-p/9181902, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181903#M2718, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181904#M2719, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181905#M2720, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181906#M2721, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181907#M2722, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181908#M2723, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181909#M2724, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181910#M2725, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181912#M2727, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/9181913#M2728, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/10761970#M19349, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/11299966#M33524, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/11301320#M33578, /t5/adobe-xd/hand-tool-is-not-working/m-p/11601983#M40547. Closing it resolved the issue. Yea, my spacebar quit also just recently. I haven't bothered to look into that. Thanks a lot BarbBinder. When Photoshop tools don’t work. So, you're getting a … ZUBA STUDIO's solution solved the problem immediately. Problem. Unless you’re trying to work within an active selection, press Command+D (Mac) or Ctrl+D (Windows) to deselect. An active selection elsewhere may be restricting your work. It's about Illustrator, and some of the users are on Mac, but several are on Windows. This issue suddenly occurred with Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign. When using Adobe Photoshop, holding down spacebar doesn’t toggle the hand tool to pan and scroll canvas. Adobe Photoshop features a large variety of tools that you can use while working with images or creating your own graphics from scratch. However, there are a few situations where Photoshop can deliver a result that is stronger or faster than what I can do in Lightroom. If you are using a Mac, and have a Wacom tablet, then you should probably rule out the White Window fix. Quit the app, Photoshop hand tool spacebar activation returned. No longer works with any version of PS or ACR. Once I closed TouchFreeze, the problem resolved. This would normally prevent the trackpad from interfering with keyboarding. I was going nuts till I found this thread and indeed I had my 1 password app open. The last fix is the most extreme, but it does work about 90% of the time. Sometimes it has frustrating issues, and the solution is not always clear. This is the only solution that worked for me... From Goldfinger! Okay, I quit all browsers and the issue disappeared, proper cursor/spacebar behavior returned. Removed the extension from Safari and everything is kosher again. Photoshop 15.0 OS X 10.10 I don't even use Safari. I had run Chrome earlier in the day to use Messenger's video chat features, so maybe there was a conflict hiding in the background but I'm working great again, thank you! Simple: press the spacebar! I have subsequently uninstalled the utility and everything works fine in Adobe. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. No matter how many times I click and drag, the image stays still. It WAS the 1Password app for me. Hopefully, this will help MaritvanHelden​ narrow the down the problem. At least I know how to sort it now. The Hand tool appeared but just froze when activated using SPCBR. This was driving me crazy, I quit safari and now it works. It was definitely related to browser use for me, because quitting browsers solved the problem the one time it happened. WTH?! Thanks, I have the 1Password app instaled but no browser extensions. Why paint bucket tool not working in photoshop? MaritvanHelden​ and ssamanen​, can you take a look at your own systems and see if this solution might possibly help you with yours? Poof, everything worked. I haven't changed any of the keyboard shortcuts, but suddenly my space bar no longer accesses the pan tool. I have tried that version under Windows 10, and it seems to work ok. I downloaded the plugin, but the handtool shortcut still does not work with my wacom tablet. Hand tool (using spacebar) not working at all When I try to pan by holding spacebar, nothing happens. Suppose, you have created a path with Pen tool or any other path creating tool. Restarting the browsers and re-launching Photoshop did not bring back the issue, so everything appears to be working fine. Same thing happened a few months back but can't remember if I fixed it the same way. Now you want to move the path. Solutions for hand tool stuck in Adobe Photoshop. Ive been using photoshop since version 3 point something, about 20 years and the spacebar has always been there to move the image around within the window, AKA "The Hand Tool". When I'm working in Photoshop (CS5 currently, have had it with previous versions as well), when I've zoomed in on the file and have the hand tool selected, Photoshop sometimes zooms out as I drag with the hand tool. Thanks. I found that a program called "TouchFreeze" caused the problem. Right-click on the tool icon at the left end of the Options bar and select Reset Tool. The problem hasn't recurred, and I currently have Photoshop and Firefox running simultaneously. Fn+SPACEBAR- allows you to move the zoomed canvas. I am using Photoshop CC 2018. It stopped working. I quit completely the 1Password app in the tray and the hand tool short cut worked again! Thanks Chuck for the suggestion. For some reason in Photoshop, preference … Should I reset preferences? Illustrator and Photoshop both, the space bar does nothing, though the cursor behaves normally otherwise. Check the Layers and Channels panels. Thanks for posting that solution. but using the space bar, no shows the hand tool so is obviously active but the space bar short cut does nothing. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. What’s gone wrong? The problem with the spacebar not working only occurs on my laptop that has a trackpad but not my PC that does not. But it worked fine when activated using H or the toolbar icon. the touchpad delay, doesn't really show up on my system. The only active extension I have is Video Download Helper, Are you saying that the hand tool space bar shortcut has stopped working for all the Adobe apps you mentioned, or just Photoshop? I did this, nothing. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. I have listed seven fixes, ranging from the easiest to do, to more in depth. If I select the MANUALLY select the hand tool it works, but the spacebar shortcut key is non-functional. Mar 27, 2012. It didn`t help. I'm on a 2013 Mac Pro, OS X 10.11.2, Photoshop 17.0.0 (CC 2015.5), and this problem popped up out of thin air. I got creative cloud with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign etc. I didn't delete any preferences or even reboot. For some bizarre reason, no matter what tool I select in the tool bar the only icon that will show up on the canvas is the hand tool, I can't change it and consequently I can't do anything but move the image around. How do I resolve this? What are the minimum requirements for photoshop? But then… something is wrong. Here is a quick post and hopefully this will help you when your stuck with this same problem. spacebar with hand tool shortcut not working it was like this for a whle and this morning i just updated my photoshop to latest version and it is still the same, i closed all browsers and lastpass still not working. Photoshop: Hand tool not working on my system. If you are using Webroot, make sure "Pause Secure Keyboard Entry" is Checked. It doesn`t work in the Tutorial document. Very strange problem. This is a list of various fixes to stop Adobe Photoshop from permanently staying on the Hand Tool. I did have Acrobat Create PDF as an extension, but it has been disabled by Firefox, which says it could not be verified. Photoshop not responding stuck and freeze problem solved. Now when I hold the spacebar I can move the image around. Generally, the Hand tool is viewed more as a function than an actual tool. Others say it is Chrome/Firefox/Safari. Photoshop is not always the most user friendly of programs. [Windows] Panning with the space bar does not work on certain hardware (#G14776) – Adobe XD Feedback... XD is crashing with white screen on Windows, How to add depth to repeat grids using 3D transforms, Current limitation with 3D transforms in XD 34, Create carousel using 3D transforms and scroll groups. It's possible. for which problem did you reset pref and were you successful? Also, are you holding down the spacebar? I have cancelled settings, deleted preferences, restarted computer... yet LIQUIFY tool is not working. For a summary of features introduced in Photoshop, see the New features summary. Photoshop stuck on hand tool cursor. Copyright © 2020 Adobe. I've tried closing all other applications, as well as restarting Photoshop. Home / General Software / Adobe Creative Suite / Photoshop / Pan/Scroll Spacebar shortcut not working in Photoshop. While using the Liquify filter (Filter > Liquify), Save For Web, or the Camera Raw plug-in in Photoshop on macOS, you are not able to select any other tool apart from the Hand tool.For example, if you try to select the Zoom tool in the Liquify window, Photoshop still displays the Hand tool. Be kind and respectful, give credit to the original source of content, and search for duplicates before posting. Solved: I reset the preference did control/alt/cmd and shift keys while i opened illustrator and it still doesn't work. So it looks like it could either be an browser extension that causes this issue or anti-virus software. I'm a Lightroom girl. Hope that someone got the answer for me this is pretty annoying I use the hand tool a lot. Does anyone have a solution? You can’t change it to the wand or brush it just shows the hand! There are other threads where 1Password was found to be the culprit. Win 10 XD version - 9181902 This is what I see: Tried quitting the browser, but that didn't do anything. Shutting it down solved this. Just pressing and releasing won't let you pan the document. If not, how can I roll back to the previous version XD? I had tried everything but this is the best solution. I was in Photoshop (64), and noticed that when I held down the spacebar to pan the open image, the hand icon would show but the tool will not work. Are you saying that the hand tool space bar shortcut has stopped working for all the Adobe apps you mentioned, or just Photoshop? /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/td-p/8295082, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295083#M50588, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295084#M50589, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295085#M50590, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295088#M50593, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295125#M50630, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10894828#M302646, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295086#M50591, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295089#M50594, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295135#M50640, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295136#M50641, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/11682984#M495021, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/8295141#M50646, /t5/photoshop/hand-tool-spacebar-isn-t-working/m-p/10765653#M286457, spacebar hand tool works again! The same thing just happened to me today, first time. Looked through a lot of the suggestions to fix, and haven't come across anything that works. With my drawing tablet the shortcut also did work, until this morning. photoshop elements:, prelude:, premiere elements:, premiere pro: No matter how many times I click and drag, the image stays still. Weird, indeed... Can confirm! Had the same problem in PS. I can only get it working by manually clicking and switching to the hand tool then back to whichever I was using. This issue persists across both the 32 & 64 bit versions of Photoshop.

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