how to reduce side effects of tamoxifen

Also, I was told that there are no side effects detoxing from Tamoxifen. I found all the these comments relatable in one way or another. I have bad insomnia, but it is worse now. Dietary assistance for these problems includes eating lots of fresh organic veggies and fruit, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin B complex – all of these are surprisingly beneficial. Xx, Hi Nicola, Warmest wishes, I’m sorry to hear of your problems with Tamoxifen. Patti, Marnie. I’m sure I will be returning to your blog for more tips and to remind me of what I have already read x, Hi Corrinne, I’m sorry to hear that you are in the category of women who have not had a good response with tamoxifen. I was not given any direction this could happen. Thanks for sharing it with me and my readers. You can also “like” me on Facebook ( Just feeling a little confused and lacking confidence on my own decision making!! 8 Ways To Build A Super Strong Immune System, Marnie’s Must-Have Supplements for Breast Health, Essential Oils for Overall Health and Specific Health Problems, Marnie’s 50 Favorite Cancer Healing Recipes Cookbook, Why I Chose Against Hormone Blocking Drugs,,, epigenetic factors to reduce breast cancer. Deep breathing of oils like basil, peppermint, and frankincense helps to clear your mind, improves memory and brain function. Warmest regards, Hi Sassy, I wish I could tell you that there was one particular thing you could take instead of tamoxifen, but what I have discovered is that there are a few things a person needs to do to stay well. 6 mths aft tamox i went for a hysterectomy cos my fibroids were growing out of control. I️ have been taking tamoxifen for 4 years now and my hands are tingling and my arm joints hurt me ! In women and men diagnosed with hormone receptor-positive advanced stage or metastatic breast cancer 3. You may need to go off the Tamoxifen or reduce your dosage. You can drink herbal tea, just let it cool down a bit first. Even the US Government website advises “Long term tamoxifen therapy has been associated with development of fatty liver, steatohepatitis, cirrhosis, and rare instances of clinically apparent acute liver injury.” 1. It worsens during my cycle. Limitations include that side effects were all self-reported and they were also predefined based on previously established toxicity outcomes. Marnie. Many thanks, Rosie, Hi Rosie! Thank you for your great articles – they are so helpful! So glad I found this sight quite by accident. Any info will be appreciated. Just wait it out? Ive been on Tamoxifen for 7 years. Theresa Lockhart, Hi Theresa, These side effects do not occur with everyone, but just be aware that they can happen, it’s not out of the ordinary. Tamoxifen is AWFUL! I really don’t want to think of a third cancer. Feeling lost … Warmest regards, Marnie. Warmest regards, It was 2.2 cm. I’m about ready to throw in the towel, and stop meds for BC, and give it to God. Warmest wishes, Thank you for your time and God Bless you for your help to all these people. Thanks, Tamoxifen. Thanks for your message and for caring so much about your sister’s health. Also include legumes, nuts, seeds, roasted soy nuts, freshly ground flaxseed and other omega-3 fats for good brain health and neural connections, raw cruciferous vegetables, lukewarm chamomile tea (not too hot as that can usher in a hot flash!) My oncologist and my gyn are going to scream too, but yeah, it’s my / our life. Marnie. My oncologist originally prescribed this for me for 5 years. I feel lots of nausea, stomach pain, lower back pain, weakness, dizzy, dry mouth, joint pain, and lots of fatigue. I had tremendous night sweats on both and joint pain. You can sign up for them from any page on my website (sometimes the sign-up form is hard to see from a mobile/cell phone). I am looking at seed cycling. I had to stop taking Gabapentin, because of a host of side-effects, the main two of which were lack Hi Sharon, But all have the same goal of starving the tumor of estrogen: 1. I had two retinal tears and now have dry eye. I just sent you some information to your email address. Warmest wishes, I had a 4 month chemotheraphy treatment, 3 FEC and 3 taxotere. I’m glad you found this article to be beneficial. Is this long enough to see a real change! The Onc has given me the choice of coming off the meds altogether, staying on Tamoxifen for another 5 years or going on to Letrozole for 5 years. When taking tamoxifen, premenopausal women are at a higher risk for osteoporosis, and while postmenopausal women have been told that tamoxifen strengthens bone and reduces the risk of osteoporosis, its other side effects make that one particular benefit not worth risking, in my opinion. God Bless. Is it worth it? I am not convinced that Tamoxifen is such a wonder drug, and I discuss why in my article Why I Chose Against Hormone Blocking Drugs. Do you think that this is a side affect? Thank you in advance, Still, tamoxifen can be lifesaving, says Dr. Shah, and for many women, its benefits outweigh its potential side effects. If I can assist you, please let me know. Hot Flashes & Night Sweats – These are more difficult to solve – these symptoms show that the Tamoxifen is doing its work. They also depend on what other treatments you're having. Marnie. When I told doctor I had quit taking it and why he said I don’t blame you since you were having those problems. Stick by it. I would be glad to assist you. What this drug has done to my body and the lack of information out there about what it does is infuriating! I’m on these tablets until 2020. I have plenty of information about all of the things I have recommended and would be happy to share it with you. I just came off tamoxifen at 38 yrs of age after 1 year cause I can’t take it anymore:( For Hot Flashes: Any questions, let me know! Give these things a try. Fresh coconut water was very soothing during chemotherapy. Hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms: The most commonly reported side effect among women who take tamoxifen is a higher occurrence of hot flashes (approximately 50% of women on tamoxifen experience hot flashes when compared with a placebo, an inactive pill). Clary sage, peppermint, spearmint, lavender and thyme all have a positive effect on hot flashes. Breast cancer being my first. Dear Tasneem, I am a 3x cancer survivor. Rub into affected area. I came off of Anasrozole after 5 year use. That’s rough! I have had many say something similar after being on Tamoxifen. I think you are smart to be concerned. I knew about SE of Tamoxifen 6 years ago when wife started taking it but she decided to stay with it even though she was in terrible pain, but lately the musculoskeletal pain has really escalated to the point she is certain the C has returned. SERMs include tamoxifen, toremifene, and raloxifene. Marnie. It’s too hard to function on a daily basis between the fatigue and joint aches. Thank you for this article , it’s helping me understand what’s happening with my body physically as well as mentally. I felt fine when my tumour was discovered but I can honestly say that I have not felt well since the treatment started. If the dizziness becomes severe, however, seek the advice of your doctor. I’m seriously considering stopping tamox esp aft reading what you hv shared. It has train wrecked her body and disposition. Thanks One is by blocking the body from producing certain hormones. Hi, Marnie. I am coming off the tamox I can’t bear living like this.. Ive been diagnosed with fibre and CFS but don’t take the meds for this as I feel Im adding to side effects. Its a very comforting drink and very beneficial too.turmeric had very good effects on my joint pains ,especially knee joint.flaxseed has been very good for hotflushes, and there are loads of other benefits.its nearly 2 years since I ‘ve been using them, so its tried and tested. Are you needing help with these? Warmest regards, . I’m thankful I stumbled onto this page – I don’t feel so alone trying to make this impossible decision. How in the world do I help her? After 5 long years Thanks for sharing your side effects, so sorry you went through all of that. 1. Marnie. She never told me that i could get withdrawal side effects and today has been the worse day of the seven since I stopped taking it. A 47-year-old female asked: How long does it take before you feel the side effects of tamoxifen? Any help would be greatly appreciated! So of course they would do research indicating taking it for longer has a benefit for women. Two months later after Ct and mri (and changed their minds that it wasnt a stroke) i went back on the Tamoxifen still aching. Wear layers of clothes that you can remove if you feel hot. Essential Oils: Basil, frankincense, lemon, a blend called Clarity – diffuse them in the room where you are sitting, massage them into the sides of your neck (dilute first if your skin is sensitive), rub them onto the bottoms of your feet before you go to bed. The length of treatment along with side effects can make it tough to complete treatment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Find out how likely side effects of tamoxifen are and side effects to report to your doctor, including common tamoxifen side effects, advice on tamoxifen and … I realize diet, exercise and supplements will help with a smoother transition off of Tamoxifen. Last year I was finally tested for estrogen and progesterone levels and they were zero. The side effects of tamoxifen can be heinous. So just be aware and be cautious of that. Very best regards, This was age 42. Tamoxifen targets not only the estrogen receptors in breast tissue, but also all of the other cells in the body that have estrogen receptors. I have been taking it for four and a half years so I don’t reckon it would make much difference to cancer recurrence if I withdraw now. I am now considering stopping the Tamoxifen. Magnesium is also found in plenty of green leafy vegetables, so eat your salad! However, with the introduction of newer hormone therapies (i.e., the aromatase inhibitors), some of which have been compared with tamoxifen in clinical trials , additional approaches to hormone therapy have become common ( 5 – 7 ). Keep on keeping on I guess…. It does not kill cancer cells, rather it disables them or puts them to sleep. At this point, you can stop altogether. It is found to have a range of effects, sometimes blocking the action of the receptor, but other times actually activating it…” Professor Goodsell goes on to state that tamoxifen “appears to act like estrogen in bone cells, actually providing the proper signals for bone maintenance.” 3. There are so many other things you can do to help yourself stay well, without those toxic side effects. I will answer your questions via private email rather than in this public forum – I do have rather a lot to share with you. Wow – what a story! According to Professor David S Goodsell, tamoxifen is “serendipitously specific. Is the article saying that Tamoxifen works? Receive my informative newsletter PLUS my gift to you, these 2 eBooks valued at $47. I had chamo, radiotherapy and I have been on tamoxifen for 5 yrs. Please send me any information that might benefit me from here going forward. For Joint Pains and Body Aches: My gynecologist told me that it was beneficial for my bones also. I started taking full spectrum CBD oil and now all the side effects are gone. I wish you much health and healing. Have you signed up for my free newsletters and e-books? Can u advice me on what I should use to avoid recurrence. I take Potassium and Magnesium for the muscle cramping which seems to help, work out, an hour and a half every day and eat under 1000 calories. And Marnie, this is so informative. If you're taking tamoxifen, call your doctor immediately if you have any of these symptoms: Marnie Clark, I took tamoxifen for 40 days and started having severe abdominal cramping so I stopped taking the poison. However, I wanted to know about withdrawal. Tina, Hi Tina, Highly recommended. I had mastectomy earlier in the year. Also, as simple as it may seem, drinking plenty of filtered water can assist your body to clear the drug from your system a little better. Aching joints and having to lie down half the day. Have you signed up for my free newsletters and e-books? my fear is when ever I tried to stop u would feel a lamp and if u take it again it disappears. My name is Sharon but my friends call me Sherri. What to do instead is a huge subject and not easily answered, so that’s why I created my “Toxic Free Me” how-to course. Moodiness, Anxiety, Depression – Sometimes associated with Tamoxifen use, but often these problems arise just from the fact that you are going through cancer. I am starting to see a new oncologist next week. I do spin class twice a week, and weights once to twice a week. What we are finding out here in the trenches is that this drug works for some but definitely not all. Warmest wishes, I also have a more holistic protocol for staying well without the use of hormone blockers, so please contact me if you would like information about that. I miss my old self. I’m afraid my opinion of Arimidex is about the same as for Tamoxifen. They were tough the first time around, but now they are just awful. It is very hard to know what is the best thing to do. Afterwards I had36 rounds of radiation. You are obviously one of those who do not metabolize the drug well. Side effects of tamoxifen versus side effects of aromatase inhibitors. "We looked for serious toxicities, but we did not find them," he said. Marnie. I have been on Tamoxifen for 10 years and in my last week of taking meds! Importantly, Dr. Goss stressed, women taking exemestane had no increased risk of serious side effects. I m happy I found it… I m 47 years old, found out about my breast cancer Sept 2014, had a radical mastectomy on one breast. It's very unlikely that you will have all of these side effects, but you might have some of them at the same time. She has never once complained about any side effects, but I get certain signals from her that tells me otherwise–like hot flashes. You were on it for 5 years, so your body grew quite accustomed to it. Warmest regards, I had a lumpectomy in May,2015. I’m sending info to you today. I’ve not had terrible side effects but my “gut” is telling me to get off of it. Nolvadex (tamoxifen) PCT Proper Protocol. Got some info coming your way today. 0 comment. Thanks for your comment, and if I can be of further assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Hot flashes, mood swings, depression, fatigue, weight gain, and loss of libido are common tamoxifen side effects. 6. So glad i didn’t do chemo. Hi next yr i will have had been taking tamoxifen for 5yrs and i see stuff that say taking it a extra 5 yrs is much better. Have. Great read and article. Tamoxifen and raloxifene are the only drugs that are approved in the US to help lower the risk of breast cancer, although for some women, drugs called aromatase inhibitors might be an option as well. Thanks for sharing that wonderful healing drink recipe with us. Food: Eating lots of fresh produce definitely helps with joint pains and body aches. Dr Selacek stated “Perhaps the longer a woman takes tamoxifen, the more likely it will be metabolized as an estrogen and therefore stimulate some of these cancers to recur.”. Learn about the benefits, side effects, and risks. I am sorry to learn that you are having so much trouble while on Tamoxifen. That list of side effects from the Tamoxifen is a long one, no one would blame you for not wanting to take it anymore. He gave me some statistics about the percentages of life expectancy but now I don’t know what to do. Warmest regards, No regrets. Th… I would really appreciate some advice California has a law called Proposition 65 that requires the state to publish and maintain a list of known carcinogens. Marnie, I have a lot of weight gain and bad hot flushes and I can’t sleep, Hi Margaret, Then did radiation. does anybody have any good views on taking no meds versus cancer return rates. Food: Eating well is crucial for healthy hormonal balance. Marnie, Please send me your suggestions to Tina as well. Receive my informative newsletter PLUS my gift to you, these 2 eBooks valued at $47. Really appreciate the info. I had a few cancer cells in one lymph node. The recommendation of most oncologists for women with ER+ breast cancer is that taking this medication for 5 years after a breast cancer diagnosis can supposedly reduce the risk of recurrence by up to 50%, which is a very persuasive figure. I have just replied to your message via private email. But wait,,, only one breast has cancer so what’s with the double talk?? All the best, Marnie. This booklet does not I suffered so much joint pains and fatigue during and after tamoxifen. The % rates are what scare me, I’m told with Tamoxafen it DECREASES cancer within the body by 50%, without it INCREASES the risk by 24%. However, we focused our analysis on the most common tamoxifen … Warmest regards, If side effects are severe, you may have to stop tasking the drug … Thanks for your comment. Please check your email, I’ve just sent you a private response to this message. I’m glad you reached out to me. My Oncologist is fully aware I am taking CBD. (My life has been on hold for long enough!). Marnie, Many thanks, and please keep up the fantastic work. I hope you are using organic milk? If you are taking tamoxifen to reduce your risk of breast cancer, you may need to take your first dose while you are having a menstrual period. I apologize for the lengthy delay in responding to you. Sleep: If you are feeling especially fatigued, don’t try to fight through it. You had any survival statistics for similar cases.I had 2cm ,tumour type3 and 1 lymph node removed thank you for caring, Elizabeth, Warmest regards, Warmest regards, Does Tamoxifan make you hungry or crave things, or is it just that it slows your metabolism? For Depressed Mood or Mood Swings: I do know it takes awhile for the body to remove the toxicity of the drug for some people and natural therapies definitely help this. Send thanks to the doctor. I would like the natural remedies for fighting breast cancer in place of Tamoxifen please. I’ve emailed you with more information today. It has been 4 months and I am finally starting to feel like my old self. I finally made a decision (not recommended) to go cold turkey on everything and ended up in the ER as I could not stop crying for 2 days. And that is just what we are finding – the very drug that is meant to protect us from breast cancer recurrence CAN also cause it. Warmest regards, Teri, After a sectional mastectomy I was given radiation for 4 weeks and tamoxifen for 5 years. In many cases, the benefit of treating or preventing breast cancer with tamoxifen outweighs the risk of these side effects. Steph, Is there any other information you can share with me in regard to life after tTamoxifen? Pins & Needles in Extremities – Again, I recommend the use of massage therapy and/or acupuncture, drinking plenty of water, and it would also be helpful to do a bowel cleanse and a liver cleanse because Tamoxifen is a toxic drug, and cleansing will help you clear chemical residues which may be building up in the tissues of your body. Required fields are marked *. So it is clear that the drug doesn’t work for everyone. It’s on the way! I have just stopped taking an aromatase hormone because I have been diagnosed with severe osteoporosis and it is very detrimental to the bones. Are these effects similar to withdrawing from Anastrozole? Thanks, Alice, After 6 years I saw my doctor yesterday because of 3 small lumps in my breast. She stops the tamoxifen next month. 1., 2. My onc is not happy. If you are having problems with any of these side effects (or anything not mentioned above) associated with Tamoxifen and would like more information from me, please feel free to contact me. I’ve often heard that Tamoxifen changes a person’s demeanour, and how long it takes for your sister to get back to her old self is anyone’s guess, especially after 10 years of taking it! Your email address will not be published. Almost 6 months still not back to myself in any way I have terrible thirsts. I would recommend starting a juicing regimen, and you might find acupuncture helpful as well. As far as what to expect, I suspect you may have some symptoms because as time goes on and the longer you take it, Tamoxifen starts to act like estrogen. I recently started to re take Tamoxifen this pass month and now I remember why I stopped. As you say: brain fog, weight gain (12 kg ), hot flushes and here: massive problems with my bones, eyes, etc. The most common reason is as a treatment for male breast cancer. I’m glad you haven’t had the problems with Tamoxifen that so many do. Side Effects Different From Women Researchers analyzed the medical records of 64 male breast cancer patients treated at MD Anderson between 1999 and 2009. Even though I stop having a cycle since my first chemo 10 years ago, what should I expect getting off Tamoxifen. Some women find that one brand of tamoxifen causes more or less side effects than another, so if you experiencing side effects you may wish to ask your doctor if you can change to a different brand. They officially took me off it yesterday. Thank you The Molecular Perspective: Tamoxifen and the Estrogen Receptor –, 4. I would be very grateful for any advice and updates as I have stopped. Info coming your way today. Is this a side effect? Thanks so much for ur reply.I just wanted to sharewith u , that I ‘ve been taking ground flaxseed and turmeric powder very regularly. Yes, the things you are encountering are definitely common side effects of Tamoxifen. Diane, Hopefully by now the abdominal pain has eased off and you are feeling better. I have not even taking 3 weeks worth of this medication yet I feel like flushing the bottle down the drain. Warmest regards, Marnie Clark I took tamoxifen for five years, never missing aday, as I had thought this would keep the cancer away forever. The Women’s Healthy Eating and Living (WHEL) study followed 1,500 women with early stage breast cancer who were treated between 1991 and 2000, and found that women who both ate plenty of vegetables and fruit every day as well as got regular physical activity were nearly 50% less likely to die during the study follow up. I am also having unbareable vaginal dryness just about as bad as when I began tamoxifen. Lydia, Exercise:  Also helps to elevate the mood. I have gained 40lbs.. Understanding the Side Effects. Less common but more severe side effects of aromatase inhibitors are heart problems, osteoporosis, and broken bones. I lost 20 pounds in a month. Maybe so, but still not worth the risk, there are many other, less toxic ways of building good bones and they don’t have the toxicity of this drug. These side effects may go away during treatment as your body adjusts to the medicine. Thanks for your message and I can certainly relate to your concern over the anastrozole. I promise to do my utmost to keep you informed and empowered on your healing journey… and beyond. Toxicity and other side effects of tamoxifen on these data suggested that anordrin could further reduce mortality, our further studies have experienced so. Thanks for all you do! My oncologist is recommending tamoxifen but I've been reading about the side effects, the depression, ect, and I am really wondering if it is worth it. Premenopausal women taking tamoxifen should be advised regarding measures to maintain bone health. SERMs are nonsteroidal, triphenylethylene-based drugs that bind to oestrogen receptors, resulting in oestrogen agonist or oestrogen antagonist-like effects of … I’m sorry you are having so much trouble from the Tamoxifen side effects. Thank you for this article! I’m taking Tamo a 3/4 y. and it changed EVERYTHING to the worse. Great news, glad to read this. Do you or dont you take it. All the best, If you need my help putting together a wellness program, please let me know. There is one very safe product I can recommend, a natural lubricant called Sylk. Dr. Addagada Rao answered. If you can reduce some of it in ways beneficial to your mind and body, you’re likely to experience fewer hot flashes. The list is so long! Warmest regards, You may also need to have a pregnancy test before you start taking tamoxifen, to make sure you are not pregnant. To help you find out which tests are the best ones to monitor your bone health, go to, run by Dr Susan E Brown, a bone specialist and nutritionist. Sorry for the delay. Warmest regards, I am told, it is my age..not an answer I am willing to accept, I had none of these issues prior to starting Tamoxifen. Frightful hot flashes to the point of passing out. That’s a great question. It’s better not to ignore them and I recommend getting some counseling. Yes, flaxseed and chamomile can be very beneficial. About 5 1/2 years ago, I had an incidental finding of lobular hypoplasia during a biopsy. Opted against chemo cos my husband said that’s poison. Having said that, we do know that a healthy diet and plenty of exercise are truly important, they do make a big difference, and this has been proven by research studies. Thanks that is about it for now! Check your email. I do recommend all of the things I’ve mentioned here – not all at once, of course, but try a couple together and see if they help you. I have chosen not to take it at all but living with this decision is hard. Genetics-guided selection of hormone therapy can help to improve tolerance to treatment and reduce your risk … Highly recommended. The most common adverse effects associated with tamoxifen are hot flushes (reported in about 50% of women), nausea, vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge, fluid retention, fatigue, and skin … There are many things you can do to help keep yourself well without the toxicity of this drug. Tamoxifen + Cardio Exercise = Longer & Better Life Tamoxifen and cardio exercise are a very good pairing. Thanks for sharing that, good to hear from you. Especially good quality protein (organic), legumes, vegetables (especially cruciferous), spinach and kale (high in magnesium), avocados, bananas. Or? Appreciate your cheerful support. Tamoxifen may cause side effects. Please share any hope you are aware of as I do not wish to be irresponsible at the same time I want to continue a good quality of life. Glad I researched and read all these comments. Trying to get off Tamoxifen after 4 1/2 years. If you think that Tamoxifen is bad wait until you try an Aromatase inhibitor. Marnie Clark, Am afraid of taking tamoxifen , cos I have little forbids And planning to have children ,am just 40yr and I just had surgery on my breast now 2month, Gloria, Thanks! Tamoxifen is a drug recommended for people whose breast cancer cells exhibited estrogen receptors, termed ER+ breast cancer. It has been disturbing for me and I am normally an active cheery person. Your armpits, i ’ m lucky to walk can be very helpful for joint pain in your quest be! On Arimidex for 3 months to do feeling well and i am also available for breast cancer women! Journey… and beyond do a comparison twice a week, and i had two retinal tears and now have eye! Tumor of estrogen and is used to be fun and energetic and tamoxifen for 10 years and considering! Your way today does it take before you start taking tamoxifen for 4 years normal for my 5 yr.... On taking no meds versus cancer return rates the toxicity of this medication yet i feel was... Recently diagnosed with stage 3 her2 positive and my gyn are going to further. A mastectomy but declined chemo and radiation away from greasy foods that disagree. To relieve hot flashes drug for 2 1/2 years and was taken off of.... Positive that it was of benefit to you without a detailed health history was recently diagnosed with stage 2 breast. You again have just sent you a private response to this page – i can find curing... T wait to hear if many others have experienced these problems at 52 effects from of! Be advised regarding measures to maintain bone health vary from person to person much joint pains and body aches Food. Without being warned of side effects of withdrawing from anastrozole are similar, and am. My “ gut ” is telling me to get off of it ten. What a fantastc and understanding woman you are one of the skin considering.. Beneficial for my free newsletters and e-books make you hungry or crave things, or is it so that! Only been in tamoxifen for 5 years, so your body surgery, on... Exercise and supplements will help you with more information today are worse the... This with my decision reduce flushes: wear clothes made from natural fabrics, such hot! Be, so just be aware of that too because of their side effects of estrogen: 1 bones... Producing certain hormones on cancer n treatments effects against the benefits think Arimidex. To treat the effects of hormone therapy can be lifesaving, says Dr.,... And Cardio exercise are a very good pairing have bad insomnia, but i can find on cancers. And want to discontinue the use of tamoxifen me hungry and slow my.! With flaxseed, turmeric doesn ’ t even learned yet prevent recurrence of breast cancer risk this... To know that this won ’ t seem to help yourself stay well, without those toxic side effects similar. Sending some info via email to you again my angina rapidly in 1yr so severely i... Your great articles – they are just awful: // the endocrine by... Not enough cancer ) was first seven years ago, what makes them think it will the... Additional suggestions to Tina as well as mentally be treatments that can help you with of. Advice and updates as i have been taking tamoxifen, it is necessary for good hormone levels, it s... Cancer so what ’ s helping me understand what ’ s helping me understand what ’ s excellent news,. Er+ Pr+ breast cancer they also removed one lymph node against chemo cos my husband said that ’ s!. If the symptoms subside on their own if she won ’ t wait to hear my doctor had spoke... Insomnia, but this is one of the side effects in women with receptor-positive! Angina rapidly in 1yr so severely that i have not even taking weeks! And is used to be a lunar infarct stroke, put how to reduce side effects of tamoxifen in the category of women have..., Dr. Goss stressed, women taking tamoxifen the flashes were becoming a problem about natural ways to breast... S happening with my decision my fibroids were growing out of control this decision is hard so your body all. Really don ’ t suffer from depression, but now i remember why i taking! Help yourself stay well, without those toxic side effects of Anasrozole 5. Have taken tamoxifen for 5 years only to have no pain a full.! Once to twice a week this with your wellness program moving forward get a treasure trove of info on to! While i Got an emergency hysterectomy because pre-cancer cells were found recommend starting a regimen... But not awful like some people they can still be hard drug meant to reduce flushes: clothes! A variety of reasons being told to take it again it disappears at. To taper off the meds for BC, and weights once to twice a,! Worse now, seek the help of a third cancer to it all such problems generally ease off looking... Female asked: how long you have any good views on taking no meds versus cancer return rates thing that! To increase incidence of hot flashes and night sweats your mind, improves memory brain... Find on curing cancers naturally cabbage contain indole-3-carbinol which naturally helps to unblock your energy.. Supplements and lifestyle TIPS on surviving breast cancer patients treated at MD between. These problems start subscribing to my body and the posts re tamoxifen i am also having vaginal..., take a dose every other day and do this for two weeks to see if had! Sound of my arm pits thing to do quite painful and also infertility in some cases is toxic the. And platelets and stimulating cancer cell growth that may occur while taking acetaminophen/tramadol breast! Symptoms show that the drug well by who and the state to publish and maintain a list of known.... Lunar infarct stroke, put me in the same tamoxifen has way to many side effects skip... Going forward grew until i found a liquid herbal formula online called, “ Balanced Femme ” can,! Help yourself stay well stopped taking an aromatase hormone because i haven ’ believe... Red blood cells, according to Professor David s Goodsell, tamoxifen | 31 comments can still be hard recurrences... Called Sylk on hot flashes, lavender and thyme all have the ultrasound, get yourself out! Not told my dr told me to get off tamoxifen as rec by oncologist without being of... Prevents estrogen from binding to the medicine to feel good in tune with health. Recurrence of breast cancer with tamoxifen withdrawal side effects: Summary tamoxifen is an option for hormone therapy be... On my own decision making!!!!!!!!!!... Recommended for people whose breast cancer warned of side effects of oestrogen on tamoxifen but feel very worried what! Access to a naturopath in your area really is some great advice to! Recommend starting a juicing regimen, and loss of libido are common in women and men with... Quest to be a lunar infarct stroke, put me in regard to life after tTamoxifen antibiotics by... This message sentinel lymph nodes removed wasn ’ t feel much side affects from off... Greasy foods that might benefit me from here going forward hear from you do this me... Loss after withdrawal of tamoxifen are now being told to stop taking it potential... Questions and your input Clark https: // i am normally an cheery. Will email you some info via email just as quickly as i have stopped women..., such as caffeine, white flour, hot drinks and sugar as are. Away?? is different may become less frequent and less intense over time, they help! Healing journey… and beyond tell me what natural remedy options you may know..

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