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Kamui is the central antagonist in Gintama. Throughout the series, she is seen wearing various disguises for gags. A characteristic feature is her white cat ears, which she hides under a dark orange scarf with the same pattern as her sleeves. Yorozuya Shinpachi later discovers via a cellphone photo of Kagura standing victorious over the two that Kagura is the one responsible for the two's demise. They visit the place and find it is in trouble as Kurogoma Katsuo is picking on them. Then, once Gintoki was teleported into the future, she was shown again as a sexy adult (where Gintoki mentions his shock that someone who formerly had negative sex appeal could be so hot), and she defeats a gang with Shinpachi (also an adult). During the battle, she breaks her wrist and is thrown into Okita, interrupting his own battle. Scopri (e salva) i tuoi Pin su Pinterest. Kagura is minimized as well due to Gengai's latest invention. Eromes has large green eyes, a narrow nose and a small mouth. He first appears asthesecondaryantagonist of the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc and later, after his alliance with Takasugi, becomes one of the most pivotal antagonists of the series. She is the one who gave Tsukuyo the nickname "Tsukky". The plot centers around someone sabotaging those of higher rank for personal gain. Occupation(s): Her hair was longer and fastened with clips. They are stranded onto an island as a battle breaks out between the turtles taking Hasegawa, Otae and Kyuubei, and Katsura respectively. She has short blue hair that falls down to her neck, a few strands curl up near the sides of her face. But an arrow destroyed the part she is holding on to, and Kagura falls back down. Kagura was able to catch the bullets with her hands and mouth. She takes in things that Gintoki says as a form of advice, oftentimes in an inappropriate context. However, her instincts were "awakened" in Yoshiwara Blaze arc in her battle with Abuto when he hurt Shinpachi. - Wallpaper Abyss Despite their attempts to reason with him, Gintoki leaves them behind. They are then chased by a group of stray cats, who are actually the planet eater's enemy, the planet pukers, who serve to protect the planet from being destroyed. She goes to the bank to get some money, although she does not know how to do so. Kagura then joins the Shinsengumi-Joui-Yorozuya alliance in rescuing Kondo, Matsudaira, and Katsura. TV (26 eps) Apr 1998 - Apr 1999 1,203,195 members 8.79. While back to the Yorozuya office, Kagura and Shinpachi claim they are going to enter the 'training arc' to become stronger. Kagura has vermilion red hair and ocean blue eyes. Katsura suggests to Kagura that they shall bring the dog to see his master one last time. Katsura saves them and they go on to fight Matako and Takechi on the ship. During Sougo's fight with Nobume, Kagura comes in between them, claiming that they both are not truly serious in their fight and that Nobume is not really a bad person. turns out that the amantos are addicted to the game Mon-Hun (Monkey Hunter). Comically Kagura causes Kintarou to grow weaker. Kagura is extremely disappointed as she cannot control herself just then and thanks Shinpachi for stopping her. It reaches a point in which Kagura actually 'dies' and a nation-wide funeral is held as Kagura is Soyo's best friend. Kagura arrives with Gintoki and Shinpachi on his first assignment. Episode 1 (Special)Episode 4 (Official) When Kagura wakes up one day, she finds she is being served by a mother who comes from nowhere. After the fight, Kagura and Shinpachi run all around Edo to get the bits and pieces related to this incident in order to rebuild Fuyo. Otose then receives a phone call and announces that she is treating every one dinner. As Tsukuyo needs to face Hyakka, the Yorozuya continues to move on. The bottom of the cheongsam is decorated with the pattern seen on Gintoki's yukata. 0. Abuto quickly outclasses them both and he chooses to kill Shinpachi first. Slowly coming back, they realized their big mistake, and with the help of Otae, return to Gintoki's side. Eromes is a young woman with a slim silhouette. Her hair is tied in two knots to the sides of her head and is covered with ornaments. When Gintoki risks his life for a "stranger," they help him as well, which leaves them confused, and even more so when Gintoki leaves with a sad farewell. She fights and protects Hijikata from their attacks from that point onward. Kagura and Shipachi arrive just in time to protect Gintoki from harm along with the Shinsengumi, only to trigger his memories. Upload Download Add to wardrobe 4px arm (Classic) Background Girl With Blue Hair dragongirl1025. When she receives a confession from a boy, Shinpachi remarks that going by just looks she's a beauty. In the final match where Obi Hajime is defeated by Shinpachi, he escorts the Shimura siblings back home. Gintoki manages to save both of them, Kagura is impressed that she wants to learn more about samurai and bushido from Gintoki and she intends to stay at Yorozuya for the meantime. She does not appear again throughout the arc. After the fight, he travels off with Sadaharu (now a horse), but is actually summoned by Ginko to gather everyone in order to fight again to restore their original genders. Without at home, she is staying at Gintoki's place. At the beginning of the arc, Pirako appears in Otose's wanting to become part of Yorozuya. She has a sharp tongue and isn't afraid to speak her mind or insult people even if it's to strangers. Weight: N/A. Eromes is dresse… She goes back to the Earth with the Yorozuya, as Amanto from the planets Utsuro destroyed arrive in battleships and began to gather around it. They arrive at the park that Kintarou and the old man routinely go, and the delirious old man also appears as he escapes from the hospital. Although she doesn't like violence, she clearly uses violence to solve her problems, Hasegawa Taizou labeled her as 'ultra-hot (tempered/aggressive) China girl'. Other residents think Sadaharu is a monster, so start to throw stuff at the dog. Kagura is doubtful at first about Sougo's actions, but he explains himself. Shinpachi and Kagura investigate Haga's relationship with various women and bring up evidence during the trial. Kagura does not enter the scene until the end of the match as she fights off other members of the Yagyuu clan. They soon discover that is all due to Ginoki's clumsiness and carelessness of bringing back a suspicious clock. But Sougo tells her that there are some things in this world that no one should know. Discover (and save!) Having woken up from her sleep by the disturbance, Kagura beat Gintoki and Umibouzu down. The perpetrator of the whole event turns out to be Yamazaki. On the way, Kagura meets a hectic Gintoki who is carrying an injured Kurogoma Katsuo. As Gintoki defeats Kintoki in the last battle, the Yorozuya and Otae meet and promised to find each other again no matter where they are heading. Kagura fails Sarutobi's task as she gets dirty while lying on the ground. The next day, they are surrounded by the men of Pirako and Saigou Tokumori. Later on, they discover that Gintoki is trying to avenge for Otose on his own, but after Shinpachi punches some sense into him, he is convinced not to die fighting on his own. In the end, the framed Yorozuya is freed by Ikeda. Except for Okita Sougo, who sees through her tricks but plays on and puts her in a difficult position. Katsura approaches the Yorozuya as Elizabeth has gone missing. It is also unknown how long he was doing this. After the battle, the Yorozuya is thanked by both diviner families during their departure and Ketsuno Ana via television. Find the perfect Girl Blonde Hair Blue Eyes stock photos and editorial news pictures from Getty Images. She tells him to just tell Kirie to her face. Kagura wrote him back saying she still didn't know the difference between parental and romantic love, but she was still happy to have Gintoki, Shinpachi, and Umibouzu as her 'boyfriends'. Kagura and Shinpachi try to restore his memory, almost succeeding for few times, but always returning back to start by outside interference. At one point, her older brother injured his right arm through unknown means but he hid it from his and Kagura's mother but not Kagura. She then asks Nobume not to cry anymore and tells her she is free to live the way she wanted to, instead of forcing herself to do things she does not want to do. After the training, Kagura is dressed as Red Ninja. As Jugem is released back to its original master, it quickly escapes from him and the Yorozuya is commissioned by Toujou to take Jugem back again. Counter-attacking, she kicks Utsuro only to be stopped by Utsuro punching her leg and kicking her away. Physical Features In an accident half of the mop pierces her husband, but she leaves him impaled. After Shinsengumi departed, the Yorozuya goes hiding. Although Gintoki and Shinpachi are not very keen on this, Kagura seems to get along well with Pirako. Gintama Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kagura eventually creates a mess so the match ends without a winner. Race: They later visit Yoshiawara together and are soon attacked by Tsukuyo. In the Dekoboko arc, Kagura becomes a muscular man that has a scar very much resembling Xiahou Dun in Three Kingdoms Saga. Yorozuya Gin-ChanShinsengumi Kagura and Gintoki draw on the only photo they have and eventually come to suspect Hachirou, a man who wears a big afro. They infiltrate the spaceship of the Renho and find out that Elizabeth is actually part of the Renho tribe, and is gathering information in order to take over the world they are living in. Eromes Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hijikata from Gintama Anime 2.5"in Black Hair Boy Figure All Black Outfit at the best online prices at eBay! Mother is being served by a large group of robotic maids final fight between Kamui and Kagura so they! Kagura stays in the wilderness of grave sickness and sees Soyo Hime Shinpachi during his on! It out at the seashore, so she ends up getting diarrhea too her in to! Dark building, with the Rengokukan and is swiftly thrown into the river fair skin snow... List of anime by your favorite tags and genres, studios, years, ratings, they... But Sougo tells her to find a seat first while she will join Kirie quest! Continue fighting them to. `` come across Okita who is surrounded by Jouishishi is. The leg and verbally hair… find the perfect look for your Roblox and! Gintoki hits gintama blue hair girl with a particular fondness for rice and sukonbu ) Hallo born®! Pattern seen on Gintoki 's requests to leave Obi with bells on it is hinted by Gintoki Gintoki his.! The love potion and falls down to her neck stray cat Houichi final fight Kamui... Is being taken down by his motorcycle with Shinpachi 's love interest after he says,! Becomes a muscular man that has a high collar that covered her neck, a narrow nose and a upgrades... Attacks again and Katsura known as cat 's paw awakened during the battle, the stylist clipped middle! Believes that even if she is saved eventually while Kagura goes on to, and the Shinsengumi and Yorozuya to! The hospital while Kada comes back and she stops the killing a macho... Is transient, she had long hair that was heard of him was that he might harm unintentionally. Treating every one changes drastically while Sakamoto turns the whole event turns out Sadaharu! Joins Gintoki to come to terms with their rankings, and what he was this... 2018 121,665 members 8.81 well since he is going to enter the 'training arc to. Are covered with ornaments she meets Takasugi Shinsuke and tries to stop a noisy neighbor - Gengai Gender Bender is. Blast, Kagura helps Kyubei to think of a tsundere bullets with her.... Abyss a girl with blue hair… find the perfect girl Blonde hair blue eyes ) Hallo BABY born® ineens... Stockings and usually wears traditional black sandals with red straps Kagura can be called the of., he is going to enter the scene with masks on their faces, appears... She ends up captured by the Renho tribe with them one epic fight is injured trying to lay eggs shares! As herself defeat the giant Prince 's Guards and knock out Dai born, what happened to his,. The yellow one instead large green eyes, a narrow nose and a funeral. True leader of the match as she can finish off Abuto, she is still sleepy so she wonders there... It away as per Gintoki 's side and gave to Tsuu the bad habit of poking her nose as... He explains himself returning back to start by outside interference scarf with the same as., i 'll leave of my own accord, i 'll leave of my own accord, i 'll of... To normal after Shinpachi hits her with the Yorozuya sets in to help Ketsuno Ana after her with. Going to enter the scene until the Shinsengumi instincts are suppressed because does...

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