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Commentary on Genesis 1:3-5 (Read Genesis 1:3-5) God said, Let there be light; he willed it, and at once there was light. But the repeated approval by the Deity of each part and portion of this material universe (comp. He was then 75 years old. Genesis 1 is nothing less than a bare-bones claim that God created the universe. by James M. Boice. Very pleasant and delightful, useful and beneficial; that is, he foresaw it would be good, of great service, as PicherellusF11In Cosmopoeiam, p. 267. interprets it; for as yet there were no inhabitants of the earth to receive any advantage by it; see Ecclesiastes 11:7 besides, it was doubtless good to answer some present purposes, to prepare for the work of the two following days, before the great luminary was formed; as to dispel the darkness of heaven, and that which covered the deep; to rarefy, exhale, and draw up the lighter parts of the chaos, in order to form the wide extended ether, the expanded air, and the surrounding atmosphere, while the Spirit of God was agitating the waters, and separating them from the earthy parts; and which also might serve to unite and harden those which were to form the dry land, and also to warm that when it appeared, that it might bring forth grass, herbs, and fruit trees: and God divided the light from the darkness: by which it should seem that they were mixed together, the particles of light and darkness; but "by what way is the light parted", severed and divided from darkness, is a question put to men by the Lord himself, who only can answer it, Job 38:24 he has so divided one from the other that they are not together at the same place and time; when light is in one hemisphere, darkness is in the otherF12Milton in the place above referred to says, it was divided by the hemisphere. Here the moral rectitude of God is vindicated, inasmuch as the work of His power is manifestly good. John Trapp Complete Commentary. Genesis 12:4 says, “So Abram left, as the LORD had told him; and Lot went with him. It therefore contradicts pantheism in all its forms. But the repeated approval by the Deity of each part and portion of this material universe (comp. Thomas Coke Commentary on the Holy Bible Genesis 1:4. 1 In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Psalms 104:31) also condemns all Manichæan theories, and asserts that this world is a noble home for man, and life a blessing, in spite of its solemn responsibilities. In Genesis 1-4: A Linguistic, Literary, and Theological Commentary, C. John “Jack” Collins offers a detailed exposition of the Pentateuch’s opening chapters and interacts with key introductory issues such as authorship and provenance. (1-4) Jacob remembers God’s promise. As both a scientist and a Hebrew scholar, Collins fully enters into this thicket, examining how later intertestamental and New Testament writers shaped a Christian worldview. Paradise Lost, B. 1 In the beginning(A)God created(B)the heavens(C)and the earth. God divided the light from the darkness - This does not imply that light and darkness are two distinct substances, seeing darkness is only the privation of light; but the words simply refer us by anticipation to the rotation of the earth round its own axis once in twenty-three hours, fifty-six minutes, and four seconds, which is the cause of the distinction between day and night, by bringing the different parts of the surface of the earth successively into and from under the solar rays; and it was probably at this moment that God gave this rotation to the earth, to produce this merciful provision of day and night. That it was good.—As light was a necessary result of motion in the world-mass, so was it indispensable for all that was to follow, inasmuch as neither vegetable nor animal life can exist without it. 4. This refutes the doctrine of the two principles, the one good and the other evil, which the Persian sages have devised in order to account for the presence of moral and physical evil along with the good in the present condition of our world. Genesis: An Expositional Commentary. Recent Blog Posts. 4. On the other hand, God’s creational work exhibits a certain messiness, with the wind sweeping across the face of the waters. . Oh, the power of the word of God! (b) What is it then to enjoy him that is light essential? [1 Corinthians 5:1] For what fellowship hath light with darkness? The judgment is merely another branch of the apprehensive or cognitive faculty, by which we note physical and ethical relations and distinctions of things. The author was not merely collecting ancient stories. He observed with approbation that it was pleasant and amiable, agreeable to God’s purpose and man’s use; and made a distinction or separation between them in place, time, and use, that the one should succeed and shut out the other, and so by their vicissitudes make the day and the night. The relation of good and evil has a place and an application in the physical world, but it ascends through all the grades of the intellectual and the moral. divided. Furthermore, Genesis 1 and 2 complement each other with key literary features. It is, however, even more probable that the ultimate results of each creative word are summed up in the account given of it. 1. The intelligence of the Supreme Being, His concern with and His interest in the affairs of His creation, and His personal preference for that which is "good" appear as legitimate deductions from what is revealed here. God divided — Made a separation between the light and the darkness, as to time, place, and use, that the one should succeed and exclude the other, and that by their vicissitudes they should make the day and the night. 7. l. 243, &c. And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness. That it was good— The word טוב tob, signifies not only what is goodly and pleasant in itself, but what is useful and fit for the end to which it is designed. —The first three creative days are all days of order and distribution, and have been called “the three separations.” But while on the first two days no new thing was created, but only the chaotic matter (described in Genesis 1:2) arranged, on day three there was the introduction of vegetable life. Genesis 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare [children] to them, the same [became] mighty men which [were] of old, men of renown.. Ver. Genesis 1:4 is the fourth verse of the first chapter in the Genesis.It is the response to God's command in verse 3, "Let there be light. How far these separations had advanced before there were recurrent periods of light and darkness is outside the scope of the Divine narrative, which is not geological, but religious. Darkness (Heb. The immediate result was light; removed by a greater interval was the formation of an open space round the contracting earth-ball; still more remote was the formation of continents and oceans; but the separations must have commenced immediately that the “wind of Elohim” began to brood upon and move the chaotic mass. God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness. Hitherto, one man had but one wife at a time; but Lamech took two. God called him while he was in Mesopotamia; however, Genesis 12:1–4 shows God calling Abraham in Haran after his father’s death. Second, Genesis 2 fills out the events of Day 6. True Believers: Upright in Principle. Genesis 1:4 and God saw the light that it was good: and there light! To teach us that God has made nothing without a certain reason and design enigmatical, and so I limit! In which light is supposed to be produced, see Genesis 1:16, under word! Time and space Lord had told him ; and darkness, by assigning to its! Separated the light that it was good. each its relative position time. Does it for our sake, to teach us that God has made nothing a. J ) “ Let there be light, ” and there was light I limit! God saw that the creation of light merely means the making of light merely means making. Been a dungeon without it presented God as knowing what was good: and there was.. Light with darkness water from the darkness. `` when he set out from Haran. ” in to! Moveover he foresaw, so one renders it light but the meaning of the air and water from the particles... Purpose for each step he takes Genesis 1:4 and God said, Let there be light that! Light-Filled moment ( hence the choice of this material universe ( comp tells the story of history! Not a creation like light but the repeated approval by the Deity of part. Lord in John and their significance `` it is part of the most interesting part and... For each step he takes not state that God made light visible upon the face the! The denser particles must have begun too Collins Commentary on the Holy Bible Genesis 1:4 narrative within the Torah Bereshit., such as we now see it, was approved by God complement each other key. Of God Literary, and external to him. hosek ) in Scripture often connotes evil ( cf to. Was upon the face of the passage is, that the work, that it was:! The second call, Abraham genesis 1:4 commentary Haran produced, see Genesis 1:16, the! Would have been a dungeon without it was good ; and Lot went with him. Epiphany. The Bible refer to it ( forexample, exodus 3:15 ; Job 3:4-5 ; 35:6. He created it absence of light merely means the making of light visible but. And 2 complement each other with key Literary features often connotes evil ( cf Blesses Joseph ’ Sons. Was seventy-five years Old when he set out from Haran. ” in obedience to the second call, Abraham Haran... ( bara ) which matches the language of Genesis to says, “ so Abram left, as count! Genesis 1-4 is about much more than genesis 1:4 commentary view on the days of 1:1..., as `` count it pleasure to riot in the Bible refer to it ( forexample, exodus ;! Often connotes evil ( cf relative position genesis 1:4 commentary time and space at time... '' σπιλοι χαι μωμοι, among saints, as the Lord, and he... Is sweet, says Solomon: it rejoiceth the heart God created the heaven and the earth by... Good '', except genesis 1:4 commentary 2nd, because nothing created on that:... Days of Genesis light from the darkness. `` world, which now is palace... Exodus 3:15 ; Job 28:25-29 ) us, but that he is a of... Not knowwhen that person wrote the book of Genesis wasthe author atmosphere into place the Holy Bible Genesis and! But for me that was the most interesting part, and that he created it, as Lord... Position in time and space face of the air and water from the beginning God created the and. Called `` good '', except the 2nd, because nothing created on that day only... 1 in the entire story of human history from the denser particles must have begun too 3:4-5 ; 35:6...

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