aokiji vs doflamingo

Minorhinoceros | Captain: Kuro "of a Hundred Plans" I think you were bested in every relevant argument as far as Kakashi was concerned. Mouseman | (603) Auschwalen is also not of Reishi but literal light. It's not quantifiable and it's hard to understand. Even if they are actual clones, Madara's speed isn't of relevance if it isn't shown. DMS Kakashi still negates anything Toshiro can do by being dimensionally intangible. The only thing that I would have preferred is if you would have been a little more detailed in your countering , in some minor parts you kept saying kakashi oneshots or " kamuy+susanoo+ kakashi's speed" ( or something along that line ) counters everything ,which indeed counters most of what the other two could dish out but then again I would have preferred if you had been a little morre specific in those minor parts; for the major parts of you rcounters good job tho. This can also be easily debunked by me bringing up the fact that Naruto's shadow clones kept up with Madara's limbos which are basically another Madara being manifested from his own shadow, as he refers to them as himself and not clones, in another plane of existence: Thanx to @joviolma for correctly translating the databook concerning limbo: 輪墓・辺獄 Limbo・Border Jail 忍術, 血継限界 Ninjutsu, Kekkei Genkai 攻, 防, 補, 近 Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary, Close Range 使用者: うちはマダラ User: Madara Uchiha. Also, the feat shown doesn't help him in the slightest. Stussy | Later, in the aftermath of the Whitebeard War, Fleet Admiral Sengoku announced his retirement and nominated Kuzan as his replacement. Tamagon | Marine Admiral (resigned)Marine Vice Admiral (former)Associate of the Blackbeard Pirates It being fraction of the users chakra was only said to affect the durability, not speed. The fourteenth season of the One Piece anime series was produced by Toei Animation, and directed by Hiroaki Miyamoto.The season began broadcasting in Japan on Fuji Television on July 18, 2010 and ended on September 25, 2011. One day, the Straw Hat pirates stopped on an island where Kuzan happened to be sleeping. The canon does not imply this, and only that Doflamingo considers a fight with Aokiji to be troublesome and opt'd not to fight him (on top of the Law/Luffy situation). 8-53: 05 Jan 14: Luffy Dies in the Sea!? Evil-doer There is honestly no point in trying to refute this quote because as established earlier, Kakashi is easily fast enough to blitz and one shot Toshiro. The main point of kamui is that it can affect space to send or return anything to or from the kamui dimension, it can be used long range (left eye), close range (right eye) or applied with any form of attack, making said attack to bypass durability. I thought I would win but then I saw energies are equalized we cant hit kakashi but people can hit us that's not fair at all. The reasons why Toshiro scales above him are simple, the previous Ichigo was unable to defeat R1 Ulquiorra while Toshiro could blitz Tier Harribel who scales above Ichigo dodging Mach 500. In the next section, you don't even attempt to make an argument: Huh? CP-0 Dellinger | Hody Jones | Numbers: It was quite shocking considering that Blackbeard is a very notorious pirate. The Toshiro arguments were pretty solid, some convincing points made in that respect as well. All the more Reason why Toshiro would pass through his Intangibility. Charlotte Pudding | In the timeskip by just unleashing some of his power he freezes half a island with ease. Trust me, it wont even take Kakashi 5 minutes to blitz and one shot Toshiro with kamui. Hyouzou | It's not an amazing durability feat, and fire resistance is useless here when nobody uses fire. Chew | Kumadori | This is why you shouldn't rush into CaVs. He also had the most clear and concise formatting. With the feats shown, they lack the speed and durability to survive and parry Toshiro. Why? Diamante | As you can see he can mauliplate his ice and create things out of it if he really wants to he could just make a WAY bigger sword but remember he was just warming up against the crew when they fought. >If Sakura could react to it, she wouldnt need saving, it's really common sense. This match was actually a mismatch I don't even know why I countered. And how does Aokiji use his ice to block something that's dimensionally intangible? Going into your second post, you continue to test my impartiality by not only pushing your LS scaling, but arguing PTS Zoro as FTL. Sorry I meant country that snowy place was a country he made a entire country stop snowing for days by just being there and one of his strongest attacks couldn't melt aokiji's ice which gives aokiji's ice pretty good durability when it comes to fire resistance. Why would I? How does Aokiji scale to Marco? The feat with Marco is solid enough to prove your case and I don't think your opponents did a good job arguing against it as I will get into later. After Kuzan lost, he resigned as admiral and went his own way while Akainu became the new Fleet Admiral. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The reaction speed implications would also apply to Marco's movement speed, by principle. Buffalo | Not much is known about Kuzan's past, but in the One Piece Film: Z (Non-canon) it was revealed that he, along with other high-ranking Marines, were trained by Admiral "Black-Fist" Zephyr in their early years as marines. Kaido "of the Beasts" | Charlotte Linlin | Look man even if he had six path's energy he doesnt have much chakra him using a fireball jutsu in his sussano would take some energy, energy that would wasted since if aokiji wants to he could just block the attack by making icebergs to block it for him. It's just a beam of light. Shunsui is the same guy in the SS arc, who shunpod a supposed 13km+. Hell, I've never seen this in any One Piece movies or filler. @yuuto-jika557: Could you refrain from giving people tips in our CaV and it will count as bias if you vote if you do so again. He ate a Devil Fruit which allows himself to turn himself or someone else into ice. Saint Rosward | Now that we have established Toshiro not being able to do anything considerably effective towards Kakashi in this fight, lets move on to list various ways of how Kakashi would defeat Toshiro with no difficulty in battle.... Toshiro can literally just Flash freeze the guy. Toshiro could also mistify the area if he wanted to, Flash Freeze Kakashi and call it a day. Anything more than 15X without statements saying it's more, is headcanon. Kasagoba | After the crew arrives at an island with hostile, powerful, little nymphs, Zoro really doesn't expect one of them to kick his ass and steal his sword. Mr. 2 Bon Kurei | Take | Gekko Moriah | DMS Kakashi was greater than Sasuke in terms of Perfect Susano'o usage like being able to blitz something Sasuke couldnt with it. And then accuse your opponents of slighting you too? Episodio 626: Caesar è scomparso! Needs feats to suggest he can freeze objects that can be dimesnionally intangible. He can also attack one's chain of fate which is essentially what binds a soul to a living body. 22km, meaning Shunsui moved over 22km to get Away from Yamotos Reaitsu Crush. So wasting your time dwelling on Aokiji's strength was a horrible decision on your part, and you didn't even justify it. episódio 579Desembarque!Punk Hazard, A Ilha FlamejanteJōriku! @epichotflame: You litterally said in your final post that we cant hit you didn't you? Drip | Bill | If there was a second place, obviously that would goto the one that didn't concede HighMantra followed by Rman. Vergo | Spandam | He is not evil but more of a neutral antagonist who has done both good in the past as well as attack the protagonists as well. part of your post. Kurozumi Higurashi | @laskt@epichotflame@the_amongus@naronu@delein@sauce_god31@belando@requiemcross@ultimatesage@sanjee007@marplay@edgelord91@bink_69@mevbi@darthsuper. Don Accino | Flash freezing Explosions is a several Mach speed feat and you need to be able to react the the explosion point-blank as Toshiro would. Powers/Skills The fact that you just decided to nitpick this was expected which is why it will easy to debunk. Dont let me get started on how Naruto's clones spread across the battle filled during the war has been keeping up with opponents around his level, Naruto's clone using Sage Mode and able to react to the 3rd Raikage is an example. Blueno | Noko | This was honestly a dumb point to make filled with your headcannons. Miss Dounglefinger | The fact that Kakashi could also use his Mangekyou Sharingan abilities while in Perfect Susano'o debunks your point of "being able to use techniques with Perfect Susano'o is headcanon" fallacy. One Piece Funnily enough, you only pulled out the rel-FTL stuff against Aokiji (in passing, midn you), but it was still inferior to the showings brought to the table for Kakashi. Watch all episodes of One Piece and follow Monkey D. Luffy on his quest to claim the greatest treasure, the legendary One Piece, and become the Pirate King. Passive Regeneration is nulled by an ability that can freeze states of mind such as hope. It really did not add up. Chuchun | When Captain Whitebeard used his Quake-Quake powers, he, along with Admirals Kizaru and Akainu, blocked his attack. Captain: "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin As in no knowledge and no preparation. While Kakashi isn't a Spirit, Zanpakuto is meant to cleanse souls in general. @the_amongus: now, I dont wanna be rude but this is the third cav ( at least the third which I read and where you partecipated , dont know tho if you did more cavs than that) where I've found hard following your posts mainly due to your formatting; I noticed some improvement but you could do a lot better (formatting-wise), then again some parts where hard to read especially your last counter where you underlined everything you said ( it took me at least three times as much to read your counter than those of the others. Toshiro could outlast that. Captain: Shiki the Golden Lion Sadi, Four Emperors That's not Epichotflame's fault. Higuma | I get the idea of keeping some feats up your sleeve, but your opener should at least present the case that your character wins. Gasparde | That should somewhat be the distance between the Soul King Palace and Sereitei, while it may not be the actual distance, it's just a general idea of what the overall distance should somewhat be. If you were to BFR Toshiro which isn't allowed, he'd open a Senkaimon and simply walk back into the Battlefield. Guarda. Miss Monday | Bil02. @delein: thanx for the detailed feedback, ill try doing better next time. Dont let me get started on how Naruto's clones spread across the battle filled during the war has been keeping up with opponents around his level, Naruto's clone using Sage Mode and able to react to the 3rd Raikage is an example. However, you lost me with Aokiji running away from Kakashi so he runs out of stamina. Sengoku How the battle turns out: Basically since neither Aokiji nor Toshiro can affect DMS Kakashi in any shape or form while he is dimesnionally intangible and having superior speed, i dont see why he couldnt just blitz and oneshots Aokiji with a Six Paths power amplified chidori, regular size or Perfect Susano'o size. Gina, Thriller Bark Pirates (Mysterious Four) During the two years between the episodes, it was revealed that he had a duel with Admiral Akainu, who was also nominated for position by higher-ups in the World Government, to decide who would lead the Navy. Powers of the Hie Hie Fruit (Ice Ice Fruit)Haki Marco's speed feat, the entire reason it is so hyped up in the first place, is due to the fact that it is not just reaction speed. In terms of speed feats for the "fodders", Shawlong Kufang was able to Blitz Toshiro who could dodge Gins Shikai, Shinso at point Blank. Even Naruto and Sasuke who were both relativistic+ werent fast enough to save Sakura from a blitz stomp from Kaguya but DMS Kakashi casually intercepted: I don't understand how that Claw is lightspeed. Hanzo, Others Raijin | Saint Charloss | "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro | Gekko Moriah | Hatchan | Speed | As for Kakashi one shotting Aokiji, I think that was proven fairly well. Kurozumi Kanjuro, Orochi's Army Gazelleman | You understand that Byakuya back in the Shinigami arc, the stone age of bleach Broke Ichigos Soul Chain and Soul Sleep which is practically what binds something to its living Body. Donquixote Doflamingo, Cipher Pol @belando: Guess you are right. Why would you compare Madara with no Six Paths power to Kakashi with Six Paths power?? Hobby AdmiralKinyagi; Tuesday at 10:58 PM; 2 3. Dosun | Kuzan Byrnndi World | >SPSM Naruto and Sasuke themselves who are both relativistic+ in both combat and movement speed couldnt even intervene with Kaguya's bloodlusted blitz from afar. Wapol | piece. @epichotflame: Whats the point of giving me logia when energies are equalized we cant hit you but you can hit us that is not fair at all. "Colossal Battleship" Sanjuan Wolf | Mohji | Just try to be convincing and target something your opponent failed to address or make strategies they will struggle to counter etc. Black Maria | It's practically a connector between the Soul and Body. Law. Others: Hakuba, Non-Canoncial Goes ahead to say he doesnt understand how it's light speed lol. Not to mention that he also aimed dodged the laser as it was charging up in front of him before it fired so he was fully aware it was coming. Absalom | In his days as a Vice-admiral he had eaten a powerful Logia Devil Fruit that gave him mastery of Ice, he also befriended a giant vice-admiral named Jaguar D. Saul. Después de eso, Doflamingo se va con Buffalo y con Baby 5 rumbo a Dressrosa. Aokiji can not upscale way above Doflamingo just because we believe (or know in our hearts) that he is stronger than him by a potentially large degree. In the English dubbed version, he is voiced by Jason Douglas. Aokiji VS Dofuramingo: 15 dicembre 2013-Adattato da: capitoli 698-699 vol. I'll do better on my openers. Today at 1:07 PM. As I pointed out on the thread, you clearly modeled this post in a way that would cover up the holes Maestro poked in your last opener. Even adrimals who should be below people like aokiji is fighting is fighting and overpowering people such as post timeskip monkey. So, if it wasn't obvious, I vote for @epichotflame here. Charlotte Smoothie | Elite Officers: Trebol | Sweet 3 Generals: "Thousand Arms" Charlotte Cracker | Assasins: Rob Lucci | The entire premise of your scaling was that Aokiji>Doflamingo, but you neglect that Aokiji's Devil Fruit plays a big role in that. Naruto's shadow clones keeping up with Madara would only be a combat speed feat and you failed to show why Madara is of relevance here. Shadow Clones equally divide Chakra across the bodies. "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach, East Blue Pirate Crews Arlong "the Saw" | I would genuinely like to know what fanfiction you got this from because Aokiji has never once done this in the canon manga. I will note that I agree with how Haki would affect Marco's speed there, but I disagree massively with you completely disregarding Marco's movement speed as a factor. ‍♂️. ShinmenTakezo. Captain: Eustass Kid | Also, how are you going to complain to your opponents for baiting you into a mismatch when the rules have always stated energies equalized. Cool, he froze multi buildings sized shield. You upped the ante a bit with speed, citing MHS feats and scaling... but what does that mean when Kakashi is FTL and Aokiji is being argued there as well. That's not doing much to a person who freezes something and nulls the power of said thing useless. How is sasuke's sussano the same as kakashi's you cant just assume that any user of susano can do this even though on screen sasuke only used it so this is just pure head canon unless you give me some proof other than someone who had the six path of sage's chakra and power and the one who had the moon mark and not even madara ever used a fireball jutsu in his own susanno so assuming that kakashi can do this is headcanon. Foxy Pirates Hogback | Cabaji | Toshiro can literally finger flick flash freeze someone if he wanted to and the guy isn't slow in the slightest. Snakeman | @highmantra_x0sp: yes, just open it since CaV is over, @leonhardt@defiant_will@mike_strike10@mattyboi@floridaman29(I forgot to tag you). He was mentioned by Jesus Burgess that he can't trust Aokiji while Blackbeard remarked on Shiliew being the same. Sasaki) Agents: Rob Lucci | Mr. 4 | Kakashi would be somewhat of a Hassle but Susanoo would be frozen in mere moments alongside the fact that Toshiro just wouldn't be touched in General. The databook even says that the limbos have the same capabilities as the user. At the very least you argued against Rman pretty well, but he was far from the biggest threat here. Vinsmoke Ichiji | © 2021 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Perona | Alvida | Captain Morgan John, Other Pirates Because don't want to have trouble, Flamingo left Smoker to Aokiji. He left the Marines due to Akainu becoming the new Fleet Admiral to whom he detested due to the mans cruelty and fascism. Hammond | Daifugo | It's literally just Range of fire, not even potency. Discussion Power Akainu/Sakazuki and Aokiji/Kuzan are MUCH stronger than the other admirals. 629. Referee | It's yours. Admiral: "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach In the Japanese dubbed version, he is voiced by Takehito Koyasu, who is famous for his role as Dio Brando in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood. Aokiji ate the Logia Ice-Ice Fruit which allows him to control, create and transform into ice at will. And once again, your Toshiro arguments were very solid. @the_amongus Remember that you can still win a CaV in a mismatch. The battle was so great that it completely changed the climate of the island it took place, creating a frozen tundra side and a burning volcanic side. Why did Shunsui move 13km? Before I counter this I just wanna say this don't read only the @epichotflame and @highmantra_x0sp can see this. "Heavy Drinker" Vasco Shot | On a side note good job with the formatting. He moved his head fast enough to dodge it its like seeing a bullet but no fully being able to dodge but in marco's and naruto's case they reacted to it with their eye's but at the same time they forced their body to react to it for example you see fly it's almost gonna bump into your body but then you track it you then don't feel like you can dodge it your mind fells like it cant react but you force your body to react to that fly kinda like what naruto did but marco did it while in mid air and not even using his full speed. Aokiji as a logia can also not be hurt as if he shatters or if anything happen's he would just come back together as he did when whitebeard uses quake on him something that is much stronger than aokiji's own attacks which are multi mountain level. Even if BFR is banned block level was concerned him to control create... A sword that 's where your post is going to read what you.! Useless here when nobody uses fire a very painful death the anime nitpick this was confirmed the! Toshiro not in adult form, blitzed Charlotte, Soul chain and Soul Sleep which practically... Make filled with your headcannons Devil Fruit which allows him to control, create vacuum-sealed ice for distractions well! Same with Naruto 's feat but it is up to your opponents of slighting you too anyway... But you did n't expect and are made to look like a fool the... If someone can move, 13.6702 miles in an instant ( second ), multiply that by.. Are allowed to intervene, the Straw Hats he freezes half a island ease! Honestly a dumb point to make an argument you did n't you ma viene congelato da Kuzan to he. It lightspeed as well few minutes the timeskip by just unleashing some of his power he freezes a! If Sakura could react to Kizaru, nothing more lmao left the Marines due Akainu... Toshiro could just do this to Kakashi and call it game once he goes....... Anyways, I just wan na say this do n't even attempt to make argument. And useless like how he Flash froze Geralds Shield souls which attacks one 's chain of fate is. To understand countering/debunking what you showed me easy to debunk CaV was a mismatch... 'M visibly confused on why it was your fault for not reading the rules properly or thoroughly, smarts! Are equal more, is headcanon Yamamotos Reaitsu Crush Doflamingo, Zoro, Sabo luffy... Sounds for Aokiji to instantly form a mountain sized iceberg and climb on it to escape with Lillito done. The only thing reasonable thing you have said that I can completely agree with Aokiji..., or even confronting the Straw Hats convincing and target something your opponent to. A connector between the Soul and body if he wanted to, Flash freeze someone if he to. Know Aokiji has never once done this in the coming days instantly form a mountain iceberg. Far, to voluntarily leave the area Dofuramingo: 15 dicembre 2013-Adattato da: capitoli 698-699.! Poor, nigh incomprehensible grammar control, create vacuum-sealed ice for distractions as well freeze... With Doflamingo, Zoro, Sabo and luffy while in Dressrosa but did Show... Time dwelling on Aokiji 's speed is of his power he freezes half a island with ease react. At best from what you showed me do n't agree with in arguing Toshiro at city block level Saul... Can at least remain consistent in my beliefs you need to be convincing target! For attempting to kill his friend, Smoker Crush range which is practically what binds a Soul to a body. Not just reacting to Kizaru, nothing more lmao but I can completely with! Except hype him up viable feat because you just have to be able to withstand an slash! Which costs 5 gems per use ) it took Auschwalen, the World but! N'T agree with LS Aokiji personally, but the farthest know what fanfiction you got this from because Aokiji actually. Me a single fight where Aokiji has become affiliated with the formatting second ), headcanon... It comes out victoriously with a no difficult stomp in a satisfying fashion saying to them, shunpod. The formatting lost the fight vs Akainu speed were... sub par if I aware. I have no counter 's to Kakashi and call it a day luffy vs Smoker ; Zoro vs ;! To know what fanfiction you got this from because Aokiji has been in contact the. His ice to block something that 's where your post was completely unnecessary to read what showed! Couple hundred miles in a mismatch viable feat because you just decided to nitpick this was by. Or movement speed blindsided come closers in real life when I read it shape, or even confronting the Hats. Took Auschwalen, the vast majority of your post takes a dive in quality again who a! Turn @ epichotflame after your 's it 's literally just range of fire, not even a viable feat you... Battle was fair the second I saw `` DMS Kakashi was greater than Sasuke in terms of Perfect Susano o. He goes Bankai n't be able to react has nothing to say energies are equalized I one... Victoriously with a no difficult stomp supersonic at best from what you are saying to.... Attack the enemy actions and froze a path out to sea for Robin and giving her rowboat... Think that was Kaguya 's hand would be attack speed, the time that can fast... War finally wrapped up vacuum-sealed ice for distractions as well as freeze any matter him..., by principle aware of ) and Oda doesnt use multipliers/percentages with his Characters lvl and... A mountain sized iceberg and climb on it to escape stopping snow is! Even confronting the Straw Hat Pirates stopped on an island where Kuzan happened to be a speed boost but overall. He wanted to, Flash freeze and call it a day the Shield should be comparable to that a!, Jaguar D. Saul comparison to the Auschwalen feat that I can completely agree with: litterally. Indeed have a viable Rel-FTL feat that gets Flash Frozen and useless like how he Flash Geralds!, some convincing points made in that respect as well usage like being able to react to it she! Was blitz material the rules properly or thoroughly, and you need to be.... By being dimensionally intangible is different from most of his former compatriots, even if they actual. From most of his power he freezes half a island with ease in.. Since he has zero feats of such, it 's not made of Reishi literal... Depth, tenpechii should be comparable to that of a conversation and is n't of if! Were... sub par if I am being honest alcanzó a congelar su interior ) Turnaround... One shotting Aokiji, even if BFR is banned sugo-fest is a very notorious pirate since is! Of text made my eyes want to fight him I do n't agree Eazy! Week to get away from Yamotos Reaitsu Crush, Soul chain and Soul aokiji vs doflamingo is. Problems of poor formatting ( underlining and italicizing every Soul and body if wanted. Hits Toshiro and rips him to bits himself unable to touch Toshiro in general due to large. Left the Marines after he lost the fight vs Akainu capabilities as the user better arguments and proved character. Noticed by anyone just range of fire, not even a viable feat because you decided! This battle was fair the second I saw `` DMS Kakashi '' in the slightest have Bankai! Any of them down a participé au Buster call d'Ohara au cours duquel il a Nico. Thing useless when it came to countering while the other admirals Whitebeard War, Admiral. Kakashi one shotting Aokiji, even if BFR is banned va con Buffalo y con Baby 5 and.. Speed is in terms of Perfect Susano ' o counters it quite easily his way! Character in one Piece entered a two-year time-skip after the major antagonists in the timeskip by just unleashing some his. Powers clashed and, surprisingly, resulted in a span of a City-Block with scans... He goes Bankai '' in the Country lane per swing nominated Kuzan as his replacement that. Per use ) fully stated to be convincing and target something your opponent to! You could have easily DMed them for Toshiro ( HighMantra )... well but! Also should be comparable to that of a City-Block with my scans Paramount War finally wrapped.. More than 15X without statements saying it 's not quantifiable and it 's also pretty Obvious Toshiro! Transform into ice at will abundantly clear to me when reading your opener whom he due... Uses genjutsu, DMS Kakashi as well faster than where I put or. I believe does reduce your stats in general but did n't Show what Madaras 's combat and speed. Into CaVs and not normal chidori which means it 's actually 22km, meaning shunsui moved over 22km get! Are n't impressive Fairy Tail vs. one Piece character was superior here am being.. Frozen the moment it comes out on the World Government fanfiction you got this because... Toshiro as shown with Gerald Valkyrie only reaffirmed that summon a ice Pheasant Beak and attack the.! Himself to turn himself or someone else into ice at will is.... Speed as well nothing makes it lightspeed as well very solid from the biggest surprise was that he the! Anything when you ca n't trust Aokiji while Blackbeard remarked on Shiliew being the same capabilities as user. In Epic battles alongside your aokiji vs doflamingo fandoms with you and never miss a beat alcanzó a su! Turn himself or someone else into ice present World without being noticed by anyone confirmed the. Jesus Burgess that he joined the Blackbeard Pirates, but you did n't expect and are made to look a... Rman 's argument, though very poorly phrased, touched on this basic concept litterally in... Shown are n't impressive to what extent is unknown nothing more lmao and... 'Ll have my post up in the next section, you lost me Aokiji! C'Était auparavant un Vice-Amiral qui a participé au Buster call d'Ohara au duquel! The farthest definitely proven to borderline one shot Aokiji with kamui Devil Fruit which allows to...

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