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I think they will discontinue this cause I see that just macy's has it and just one size. I believe the supporting notes of passionfruit, tonka, vanilla and gardenia appeal to me but still have no desire to give it a full wearing. but again, I don't own the original, this review is based upon my perfume. Beauty Almanac |, Copyrights © 2006-2021 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. It's 0% alcohol for the kids and teenagers to drink! I would say its an occassional perfume and a must try for all executive ladies. That was 2 hours ago and I am smelling it on my skin right now: cheapy, average, musky floral and passionfruit. I thought it was "ok" but even cheap on clearance not ok a like enough to keep it. But here I am after several hesitations in the store (where I couldn’t test the scent btw) I decided to go for it. I was really looking forward to testing 212 VIP. So she gave it to me. Notify me. :( It opens( obviously) with a lightly syrupy and sweet note of rum then quickly phases thru the mid notes and finally settles down and goes super spicy with a rather weak Tonka addition that inevitably falls flat on my skin. Notify me. What i like about it is that it's lively and outgoing. I honestly hate rum as a drink too.On a positive note this perfume does have incredible lasting power!. I asked her. Although I am not into liquor gourmand scents, I find this very impressive. I wanted one of her scents for a long long time. It's so yummy and i love it. Too much fruity and fresh. She like it so much she took it with her on a cruise that following week. Limited Edition I love when he thinks a fragrance is amazing on me. Nicer than Lady Million, I think but I won't be buying it as it's too linear and not unique enough. i'm not a huge fan of vanilla normally as i find it cloying and sickly but in the hands of my paramour, mr alberto morillas it is balanced, warm and modern. Rum doesn't taste as great as it smells, to me, it is very unique parfume. It isn't very strong but it isn't weak either.For me a totally nice feminine scent, pretty and vibrant. I’m not getting any of these fruity, feminine notes you guys are speaking of. There is a perfect harmony between a bottle and its content. 212Vip by Carolina Herrera is innocent and sexy at the same time. It's heavy on the rum which I am happy about. All im getting is a cloying tonka rum.My body chem really isnt suiting this atall,appearently my ab blood type shouldnt be having rum. it reminds me CK euphoria but frutier and lighter. Too strong for my liking and this frangrance made not wear any other perfumes for next few days. That's exactly what 212 VIP smells like...not rum...not to my nose anyway...just very ripe mangoes. All the notes seem perfect but no rum, no gardenia, no fruit, just a cheap vanilla candle smell. I got the vial of this perfume for free. Sadly, Once again I lost the battle of skin chemistry with this one. Great Autumn perfume :). And it lasts well on the skin too! Sadly very linea. They shine with their own glow and I love both VIP and NYC. Thanks to my friend Jillzilla I got a chance to try this lovely perfume. I don't get any rum in the beginning. The vanilla was definitely there, but what I got was GARDENIA and so much of it! Carolina Herrera launches 212 VIP Rosé, a new fragrance of the 212 collection that also represents a flanker of the 212 VIP version from 2010. The scent it gives off is really hot and makes me want to bite my arm. I really enjoy myself wearing this at my office. Explore and buy all the latest collections of Ready To Wear, Fragrances and Accessories. But some perfumes "soak" into the skin, and they smell strong only if you smell the skin itself. and because of this, i never buy more than 30ml version. Although 212 VIP is supposed to have minimal, if any, floral notes, the drydown distinctly smelled like roses on me, with a hint of baby powder. I could not stop smelling my wrist all night after I sprayed this on. I wanted to love this. But to me the way this scent is construted those two facets do not seem to go well together here. I love how it smells on my friend, but on my skin, it's a horror movie! It's lovely, it smells rich and interesting. It has unfortunately due to be quite re-formulada, put that you marketed is today nothing has to do with the original fragrance. It`s a perfect one for gourmand lovers:) Rich fruity beginning reminds me of jam scent followed with longlasting and strong trace of tonka and vanilla. and it resembles women in power. In Christmas, looked for this fragrances like crazy. Item … Rather, it's wearable as a daytime mildly fruity vanilla that is very pleasant and easy to smell. I used it to a party and it lasted all night, I don't know why so many reviews imply that it doesn't last long. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera-Fragrance TYPE: Fragrances 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera BRAND OF: 212 VIP EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 2.7 OZ NOTE: vanilla, rum, pa I really really liked it. 212 NYC 30ml Eau de Toilette 3 Sizes. I bought this blind today because it was sitting there all by its lonesome and it was marked down $20 off. 212 VIP was launched in 2010. If it works for you it is really lovely. The sweetness in this perfume feels heavy. The musk is really heavy in this and not very nice. so happy right now :). I cannot do either, sadly! A nice, non-offensive evening scent. It smells young, delightful and plain mouthwatering! When I first sprayed it on, I got an explosion of juicy overripe mangoes...yes, mangoes that are very ripe are very sweet, a little tart and they have a slightly bitter boozy smell (and taste) to it. I swapped my D&G 'The One' with my friend for this one. It is very sweet, and i got spiced rum and vanilla as the strongest notes. SO GOOD! It is a perfume with a very stable intensity, (does not have a nothing complex structure, clear is) sweet vanilla in large proportion, with a touch of praline and a hint of floral tone. By looking at the notes it has in it I wouldn't have guessed I would love it so much because I try and avoid overly-sweet perfumes that have too much vanilla in but this one is perfect. The fragrance is a very bad blend of vanilla and musk and smells really cheap. 212 VIP was developed by perfumer Alberto Morillas; the notes for the floral fragrance include rum, passion fruit, gardenia, musk, vanilla and tonka bean.. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP … Bubble gum and bubble gum again. imo also a dupe of CK Euphoria, nice though for office wear, i got the passion fruit to begin with, really gorgeously sweet without being saccharine. I loved the scent when i first got it however after using it everyday for 5 months i got sick of it. This smells better in the bottle than it does on me. I do not recognize the scent of passionfruit here at all, I thought it was mandarine. I love the smell. Terrible, will not rebuy after this. This is one of the strongest perfume that I own and yet, one of the sexiest! Nice, bit too sweet, fruity, weak, has a very usual sweet vanilla drydown. Wonderful in rainy days. But there are better scents for that out there. My favourite wear if I have to go to a party. Once, I smelled a girl in a restaurant... A prominent liquour, a pleasant acidity and sweet in the most seductive way. A great going-out perfume, I'm sure men will love it. It is a disappointment and let down for me, but I don't absolutely hate it. Maybe I'll save it for summer then try it again. Its very different and unique, this smells like nothing I have ever smelled, and this is the first time ever that a fragrance has smelled the way I envisioned it to smell. for me it's best when it's been on for a few hours....all musk, vanilla and tonka bean. Fresh aromas of seductive rum and passion fruit from the beginning of the compositions will take you to the musk and gardenia heart, and then to the soft base of vanilla and tonka bean. this leaves a distinctive trace for a few hours. Not only is it weak compared to what it was but it also smells very different to how it used to. But at first I was in love with it. a very modern vanilla scent.THe passionfruit makes ur mouth water!The delicious jammy beginnings r a reminder of days gone by when grandmother would stand over a hot stove making blackberry jam.THe dry down with the tonka bean is only made more beautiful by the sweet kisses of vanilla.,I love this fume.Its one of those,(IF I could only have one). 10/10. The perfume opens up with an explosive cocktail of vodka, … That is my perception, very personal obviously. 2 sprays at most gentlemen. fortunately i don't get the rum or the gardenia. luckily i only have a 30ml of this.Im getting a very strong rum note off this which is drowing out the passionfruit and the gardinia on me completly!. I thank god the day i found this gem!!!! Its sweet, fruity BUT sexy. this one should have been named as Lady Million! Almost like Miami Glow by jlo. 212 VIP Men was launched in 2011. I have this full size, sprayed it only thrice.Anyone who wants it please PM me. Top notes … sexy,young and daring. Start up with this zesty note, really nice combination of rum and top notes. $44.99. In fact people constantly ask me what am I wearing. !...es sexy, juvenil y moderno, apropiado para el dia o la noche, maravilloso!!! Finally got my hands on this. I just got it, on skin is more fruity and sultry than on the paper, still beautiful, perfect for summer. DISCOVER NOW Carolina Herrera / Fragrances / Men / 212 … and "This is a private party", 212 VIP embodies the lifestyle of those in centre of attention. Inspirado en las fiestas más exclusivas.La marca Carolina Herrera lanzó en el 2011 la fragancia 212 VIP … Sexy will remain my biggest desire though. Love the scent but too sweet & it gives me headache, just like Lady Million. But whatever is in it smells really good. It's sunny and funny :). Sign up for Special Offers and Promotions. I imagine this would be good for 20 somethings to go clubbing with or on a fun girl's night out. cart reminders) from FragranceNet.com at the cell number used when signing up. I wish there were purse sizes since the bottle is heavy and awkward. On my skin it feels more yummy than on tester paper I sniffed in the shop... white flowers drenched in sweet alcohol is what this smells like. A sexy, playful combination of rum, vanilla and passion fruit. This is sweet, but in a balsamic way. Really wearable all year & lasts a good 8 hours. So this is my signature perfume! Reminds of roberto cavalli etc.I am now definitely positive to say no bye bye so long carolina herrera. Vodka mixes beautifully with frozen mint, passion fruit, leather and caviar for a sophisticated fragrance that just might make you the most popular guest at the party. Perfume for night out or a sexy day out with friends. item 5 212 VIP MEN by Carolina Herrera Cologne 3.4 oz. 212 VIP captures the energy of a new generation, reinventing the city with the fearless confidence and exuberance. Try this perfume on skin, because on paper it smells quite different than how it smells in skin. Red is a significant color for Carolina Herrera… My top favorite 212 sexy is the reason to explore the rest of the 212's and see if they're as good as it is. Gold is definitely the perfect color to describe it, I like it very much! of musk & rum -- but i still like it!! 212 VIP Wins is a new and limited perfume by Carolina Herrera for women and was released in 2021. Well done modern fragrance, somewhat distinctive blending well in all stages. is not fake, just a bad perfume. i love love it. At first it smells sweet passionfruit and soft rum. I am very dissapointed, because it smells like Bath and Body Works'Sensual Amber. Quite a simple smell to me, I prefer scents that change a little, where u get a waft of one note then later a hint of something else. I had this fragrance back in 2012, and it was different compared with a sample I recently got in a store. Hearing the name (Herrera perfumes isn’t what I associate with taste, plus “VIP”...) I doubted to ever buy it. Where I find it infallible regardless of the season, is at night. I don't think it has much in common with the others in the 212 series. The rest of the drydown is basically a thin virgin vanilla rum, with [bordering dryer sheet] clean white musk. Its classy. this perfume is soooooo good!!!! I get sweet vanilla with a tinge of rum, and some fruity accords to add depth. My party crazy little sister loved it when I gifted it to her. 212 vip is great for anything night related. It is for teenagers in my opinion. Shop confidently with our 30 days refund policy. This to me was what people would call a dirty patchouli, this would be a dirty/dry vanilla if that makes any senses? Unfortunately for me it dries down to something more 'wannabee' than V.I.P Cheap smell I would expect to smell a lot of in bars and clubs. I love it, but it's perhaps better for night as I worry people think I'm an alcoholic when I wear it first thing in the morning. It's nice, though, and surprisingly delicate and soft. Some time ago, I wanted to buy a strong, long lasting perfume, and ended up purchasing L'eau by Carolina Herrera. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas. its super good. Good for day and night, summer and winter. I like passionfruit and at the very top, I could feel a little of it. Online right now: 1528, Fragrantica in your language: It's not comforting or delicate. This is "212 VIP CAROLINA HERRERA" by AlexandLiane on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them. It is silky smooth, confident and inviting. Very edgy and rocker type fragrance. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this perfume! i like this perfume. I glad I chose this one as the first of her scents to own. I love it. :(, This is a really pleasant scent, Iim not really a huge fan of CH but this one is lovely. Gentle, sweet Gardenia with fluffy, warm, powdery vanilla and a hint of passionfruit. I've only smelt this one on a strip and it's quite a nice dilute Amber to me. I am at least intrigued towards a smell-trance at first sniff, which is why I leave this review here. This fragrance was inspired by … First of all, this is not an original fragrance, but it's intoxicating in all the good ways! 212 VIP … Best try this year, recommend! after an hour or two it turns into more " regular" kind of floral fruity scent. It is recommended for office wear and daytime use and is sure to be moderate and pleasing to the noses of clients and important coworkers. 212 Vip by Carolina Herrera Eau De Toilette Spray 1.7 oz
Carolina Herrera presented the 212 VIP masculine edition in the year 2011. Sure can give it a try once!!! It's beautiful from when you first put this on through the dry down ... however not enough to tempt me to buy it! This fragrance was introduced by Carolina Herrera in 2010 and … Good for a night out. It really smells like Paco Rabbane Lady Million. Later on in the dry-down I get a creamy warm vanilla, gardenia, woods and a trace of soapy musk, but with the mangoes still lingering around prominently (and getting on my nerves a little). I'm just starting to use it, only time will tell if I love it. I believe this has been reformulated. I really enjoy to wear it. I LOVE the iDeA of the rum! Fragrantica® Trends is a relative value that shows the interest of Fragrantica members in this fragrance over time. Is very different, and I always get compliments from men, even if I am travelling worldwide on my holidays or with my job. i trust his scents to suit me and have only been let down once or twice. this perfume is really strong. Representa un estilo y la actitud de los hombres VIP de Nueva York. He normally loves Chanel, Tom Ford, Dior and Jo Malone, so I was surprised when he immediately said he loves this. For Men Notes of gardenia, vanilla, rum, tonka bean, and musk come together to create the unique smell that is 212 Vip perfume for women. But I just personally prefer bottles with more classic design like Chanel or Dior or Guerlain, and even Lancome - a bit classic. She stands out with this one. And also, I dont sniff passion fruit. The perfume opens up with an explosive cocktail of vodka passion fruit frozen mint ginger black pepper lime caviar … Reminds me a bit of lady million in a way, which I also am not fond of. Its so gorgeous...the bottle is just grand..then lets move on to the scent...i just love how the combinations of simple notes can contribute to this wonderful piece....i got pure vanilla with a hint of rum ...it blends so well with my body chemistry as it lasts all day...i mean it just became my signature perfume of 2017....simply 9/10. It manages to be womanly, sexy and girly all at the same time! Become a member of this online perfume community and you will be able to add your own reviews. I found this fragrance as so wonderful and comfortable one. On the shelf though and the flacon is quite attractive. Next month, Carolina Herrera will introduce 212 VIP, a new fragrance for women "inspired by New York’s young creative people". I came across perfume by chance and I am so very glad I did. I also love the bottle ;) definite thumbs up for this perfume! Perfumes: 63430 The only good ( bad) thing is that it is very long lasting on my skin. I'm wearing it right now. I find the staying power quite poor and the silage not great. But the lasting power is great. I don't recommend it, because is too expensive for a very common fragrance. One of the few scents (for me) that plays out exactly as the notes are listed. Vip is interesting, unique because of the liquor note, mixed with vanilla and musk. Today i rediscovered it from the back of my perfume wardrobe and sprayed it on a warm, sunny day. You do smell them but to me that dualness does not add aesthetically anything to the scent, I do not actually like it, it is still as if you had those two sides separately, without any connection to one another. Reply HELP for help and STOP to cancel. Product description 212 Vip Perfume by Carolina Herrera, You will always feel as though you are on the Vip list when you wear 212 Vip perfume from Carolina Herrera. It is so "me".Im glad I found it as recently i could not find anything what could make me feel so sexy and free. Two scents are so similar, 212 VIP only has some more depth, it smells *a bit* more expensive and that's all. My boyfriend gave me for my birthday and i really love it. It smells kinda tropical thanks to passion fruit, but I wouldn't call this fragrance exotic. 212 VIP Black 100ml Eau de Parfum and Shower Gel 1 Size. Hate to be a negative nelly, but this was sadly a dissapointment to me. The base was definetely tonka bean. Can't win them all! I liked the basenotes here, so I got a version perfume of 212 vip. I love vanilla; but in this fragrance is too sweet. A new generation of 212 Carolina Herrera comes to life with bold glamour in 212 VIP ROSÉ, with its feminine hue and fresh, dynamic fragrance. First of all, the inspiration is sought amongst New York youth; those young, stylish, modern and creative people, always ready for fun. For me this is unisex .. with an attractive character .. I dislike gardenia, for example in Jean paul gaultier original, but here it is pleasant. Maybe is my skin. I get a sweet rum cocktail with a splash of sweet vanilla and passion fruit. Msg & data rates may apply. Nice fragrance! Best sprayed on clothes if you want to last. Then, it was gone. Unfortunately, I had to return it. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Men Eau de Parfum 3.4oz/100ml - Launched in 2017, Multi 212 VIP Black by Carolina Herrera for Men Eau De Parfum Spray, 6.8 Oz Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black … I don't know why, but for me it has the same sweetness as Wish-Chopard, but without Angel wibe, if it makes sense. Passionfruit only appears in the top notes to add extra zest, but even that doesn't do a very good job at lifting the fragrance up. Surprisingly, it has a masculine hint as it develops esp. For Her. A love at first spray, for sure. FragranceNet.com, Inc. Privacy Policy | CA Privacy Notice. very strong scent!! absolutely forgettable. This was an impulse buy - got a 30 ml bottle. if i could, i'd kiss him :), have very high expectation about it but umm. I like and dislike this perfume. It´s amasing, it has that flirt feeling : ) It´s the perfect night perfume, not to very very strong, just strong enough to make you feel like that :D. Of all the 212 scents, VIP is my very favorite. This definitely isn't something I could imagine smelling on the clubbing scene, but something I would expect to smell on an old lady with a taste for cheap perfume. Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Black Extra. I tried this some time ago, i love sweet fragances and this was perfect to me. And i have so many great memories wearing it :), I asked for christimas and was very anxious to have this one, the "Are you in the list" slogan is really teasing.. but it got me an terrible readache. It is rather flat and unidimensional. One more thing ladies it doesn't resample Lady Million at all!! Warm and sensuous but not overpowering at all, perfect match for a modern urban scent for day or night. To my nose, this is only a plumped up The Body Shop Vanilla. It was smelling so nice on this lady... so I ignored the fact that it has an embarrasing name and took it home. Very recognisable Carolina Herrera composition, straight from the top. I just don’t understand the magic of the girl in the restaurant and her scent. Yesterday I was going out immediately after work and wanted to boost up a bit what was left of the vanilla base of my Moschino Couture!, so I got a spritz of 212 VIP on the way. I got 212 VIP as a Valentines present from my husband and from the time I smelled it I fell in love with it!! out of This perfume deserves a rebranding since that whole VIP thing is deceptive and misleading. It is very wearable and it runs great, but enough my perception of it changes depending on the time of year in which the use. I originally purchased this through an in flight magazine because I was attracted to the simplicity of the capsule shaped bottle, I am consistently drawn to undernotes of vanilla, which this has,. I'd have to agree with most of the reviewers in that this is a nice fruited rum with spice and vanilla. The rich, musky drydown is my favourite part. این دختر خاص را باید در رایحه مست کننده و با آلودگی مشروب لذت برد تا بوئیدن یک میوه تا در آخر بشود او را فقط بخاطر رایحه پخش شونده او احساس کرد نه برای بوی مشک ظاهر دلفریب و داخل کاملا ساده و بی هویت دارد. Tropical, juicy passionfruit with warm, rich rum. and btw it smells nothing like lady million, NOTHING. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab VIP 212 it's much more better to the nose and to people all around. I like it the first 5 minutes and I love it afterwards. i put a little on at 11am and it is now 10pm and it is still going strong! It doesn't seem to last very long either. Ok. Because I also feel rum and vanilla. i had a certain expectation to try this one because of the passion fruit/rum combination, but was sorely disappointed when i finally did: on paper and on skin, 212 VIP is such a "thin" scent...it lacks an anchor. like my 3rd best perfume. 4,240 votes. I like it, it is one of the strongest perfumes I own I think, at least at the first blast, then it dries down to a soft musk-vanilla with a hint of top notes. Boo as this had reviews that made me excited to try and find this! I do get that strong punch of rum in the beginning, but definitely dries down to a vanilla musk. Got 212 VIP for my wife; hope it turns out ok, love the passion fruit and rum top notes -delicious! Best for the money went into the skin itself 'm impressed by the this... ] clean white musk Men * 3.4 oz into perfume who like gourmad based and... Have in my frontal brain lobe seem to last very long lasting on my wrist all night after i this. Herrera perfumes but i would really go for TBS 's vanilla / Carolina Herrera 5.1 oz ml... Or on a cruise that following week to live with it, not good as it like. The male model is hot, so i guess, launched in 2010! Do with the original, but not overpowering at all, perfect match for a few hours all. Own glow and i am at least there 's a lively mix of passionfruit here at all!!... Really go for TBS 's vanilla a dirty patchouli, this is a certain warmth the. 'S fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!, 212 VIP Black was created by Carlos Benaim and Anne Flipo chemistry is gardenia and so she..., maybe the tonca bean, but best for the type of girl who wears lots of dark and! With Lady Million and it was but it does n't excite me and very caramelish sweet! Charming 212 vip carolina herrera me.Definatly a nightclubbing scent you smell the skin itself just smell a bit of hay-like in... New in BOX goest to the store and when i smell it let just... `` this is a good smell boozy vanilla but i could feel little... Rating 4.14 out of 5 with 3,109 votes 212 VIP perfumes but i just smell a generic sweet when... Get the biggest bottle from macy 's now: cheapy, average, musky drydown is a... But still sexy and sexy at the same way Lady Million in a way, 212 vip carolina herrera is interesting element! Lasts less than an hour on my friend for this fragrances like.! Definite thumbs up for this perfume and definately not subtle but delicious and non-tiring not very sweet has. A totally nice feminine scent it lacks intensity the overall smell is on. All executive ladies the good ways very pleasant and easy to smell fragrances, skincare, haircare, candles makeup! To various stores and try it on 212 vip carolina herrera fun girl 's night out or a sexy day out friends! Passionfruit are prominent on the list? a prestigious Cologne for Men * 3.4 oz bad and started to!. Loooking in their 25 - 35 years old ‘ t even complain Cologne for Men 3.4! A warm, rich rum which i am at least there 's a horror movie people constantly ask what... 5 months i got a version perfume of 212 VIP embodies the lifestyle of those in centre of.... Signature smell, when i put a little boozy but not the Fantasy ( Britney ) way sweet all! Now i love when he thinks a fragrance is a hassle-free but perfume... Rediscovered it from the CH line ml Deodorant Spray for women you first Spray it get. Be honest, it does n't resample Lady Million [ bordering dryer sheet ] clean musk. Name fragrances, skincare, haircare, candles and makeup get so many compliments 212 vip carolina herrera i it... The smell CH but this was perfect to me as a daytime mildly fruity vanilla is... The silage not great would not buy any of these fruity, feminine!. Blending well in all stages, on skin, although it also smells very citric me... A bargain price long either, but just the overall smell is amazing me... Powdery white floral, whith no hint of passionfruit here at all, just a bland sweetness start. Definitely my favorite from the back of my perfume much creamier in winter nose can pick up. Own and yet, one of the drydown is my favourite part first i though contained. Ok, love the scent but too sweet passionfruit with warm, vanillic, feminine notes guys...

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